The Hidden Benefits Of ID Cards: Branding And Optics

If you’re familiar with us (or maybe even if you’re not) you know that there are a lot of benefits to having an ID card system. Generally, when people think of ID Card systems they think immediately of security, and for good reason – ID cards for personnel and visitors are a terrific way of securing your place of work. But aside from security, across a number of different industries, ID cards offer personnel management, data collection, attendance tracking and a host of other features that make them indispensible to any modern business, agency, facility or department.

Those aren’t the only benefits of ID cards, however. Leading Canada in the distribution of ID card systems, Avon Security Products is an industry expert with loads of experience, and as such we take pride in learning as much about ID card systems as we can. What we’ve learned over the years is that there are noted “hidden” benefits of ID cards, auxiliary advantages that weren’t necessarily intended but that are certainly very welcome. The two hidden benefits we’ll discuss here today are branding and optics.

Optics is a, well, divisive word. Not because it doesn’t accurately describe a real business phenomenon – the way in which a business is perceived, and its effects on that business’ overall performance – but because the word has become on of the poster boys for all the annoying business jargon that’s cropped up in the last decade or so. But we’ll press on using the term, because it’s still the most succinct term available.

So, how do ID cards promote good optics? Well, for one, ID cards help make visible the security measures a business is taking to keep its staff and customers/clients safe. When a customer or client sees that a business has set in place a rigorous and professional system for security, they see that caring reflected back onto the business as a whole. Customer perception may not be your primary reason for wanting ID card security – you want it to keep everyone safe, obviously – but it is undeniably a beneficial byproduct, as it assuages clients, customers and employees.

Then there’s branding. Again, the primary reason you went looking for a PVC ID card printer initially was to keep your business secure, but it bears mentioning that every time an employee or visitor flashes their ID card, emblazoned with your business’ logo, in public, they’re reinforcing the brand. Branding is all about visibility, and with ID cards, it’s as though you have a bunch of tiny billboards swaying on the lanyards of your employees as they commute to work in the morning. And not only are the cards themselves good branding opportunities, but you can have the lanyards branded with your company name as well. Branded lanyards are great for making employees feel more a part of a team, but they also make great promotional products, to be given away at trade fairs, festivals and so on.

What these two benefits have it common – optics and branding – is that they both deal with people’s perception of your business. In the case of the former, it’s how your business is perceived, and in the case of the latter, it’s how much your business is perceived. ID cards help in both these fields, acting as beacons of security and well as company branding. If you haven’t yet set up an ID card system at your place of business, and are looking to reap all the benefits you’ve read here, you can learn more about us on our website, or contact us directly.

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