Choosing the right ID card printer

Selecting an ID card printer can seem like a daunting task - but we make it easy for you. With just three simple questions, we can narrow down the selection of printers quickly.

How many cards will you print per year?

This question will determine whether you need a small desktop printer for smaller print jobs, or a high output printer to maximize efficiency and quality.

Automatically print on both side of the Card?

Simplex printers are designed to print on one side of the card for each print job. The user can, however, place the card back into the printer to print on the other side of the card. This can be a labour intensive task if you have hundreds of cards to print, this is where the Duplex printer comes in. Duplex printers have a built in module to automatically flip the card and print on the other side for you.

Need to use the printer with an Apple Mac™?

Some printers are not compatible with Apple Mac™ computers, which is why this question is very important. Make sure you know what type of computer the printer is going to be connected to beforehand, it can save you a lot of trouble.

Now you are ready to find the perfect printer for you!