How Do I Fix the White Line on My ID Card?

How Do I Fix the White Line on My ID Card?

Do you see a white line or multiple white lines along the length of your ID card? If yes, then it’s pretty safe to assume there is a problem with your printhead. When a group of cards is printed using a printer with a damaged printhead, the white line will appear in the same location on each card.

But how do you fix the white line on your ID cards? Well,  most likely you will need to replace the printhead. However, before having your printhead replaced, clean the printer to see if that resolves the issue.

If the white line on your cards remains after cleaning the printer, then a new printhead will be required. Most printheads typically cost between $500 and $1000. If your ID card printer is out of warranty, it may be time to consider buying a new printer. Oftentimes it makes more sense to invest in a new printer than replacing parts on an old machine that is out of warranty. If your printer is under the original warranty, you may be able to get the printhead replaced by the manufacturer. Our technical support team can help you verify your printer warranty and assist you with this process.

Either way, it is important to protect your investment in the new printhead or new printer. Dust, debris, and oil from your skin can cause printhead problems. These steps are important to maximizing the life of the printhead:

1. Clean often

 Properly maintain your printer by cleaning it regularly. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of cleaning your printer every time you install a new ribbon. The combination of a printer cleaning kit and routine cleanings with help ensure optimal image quality and a longer life for your ID card printer.

2.  Remove jewelry

If you are planning to open the printer cover for any reason, remove all jewelry from your hands and wrists. Printheads are fragile and they are easy to accidentally bump with a watch or ring. Here’s an example of a printhead that was unintentionally damaged by jewelry:

Example of a Damaged Printhead

3. Handle unprinted cards with care

Wash your hands before opening and loading cards into the printer. Touch the cards on the edges or sides (not on the top or bottom surfaces that get printed). If you accidentally drop an unprinted card on the floor, throw it away. Don’t try to clean it and do not put it into the printer.

4. Always use graphic-quality cards

These high-quality cards are visually inspected, which ensures the card is clean when it is packaged by the manufacturer. Keep the shrink wrap on the cards until they are loaded into the printer.

5. Cover your printer

If your printer sits for extended periods of time without being used, use a dust cover to prevent dust and other debris from accumulating inside the printer.

6. Never use pre-punched cards or perforated cards like key tag

Protect your printhead by punching a hole in the card after the printing is completed. If your application requires a pre-punched or perforated card, do yourself and your company a favor and purchase an HDP Printer.

Following the steps above to protect your printhead and keep your printer clean will not only prevent white lines on your printed ID cards, it will help prolong the life of your printer. At Avon Security Products, we work to educate our customers to help them get the most out of their printer. For additional help or to learn more, call 1-866-458-6999.