Zebra Printer Heavy Duty Pelican Transport Case

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Printer Carrying Case for Zebra Brand ID Card Printers

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     • HPX® resin construction

     • Polyurethane wheels, stainless steel bearings

     • Self-regulating pressure valve

     • Crushproof, dustproof, waterproof

     • Rubberized carry handles, retractable pull handle

     • Double Throw latches

     • Tough padlock hasps

     • Custom-tooled foam insert

     • TSA approved!

Image representative of product; exact appearance and dimensions of case will vary depending on desired printer model.

When your ID Card Printing Solution has to hit the road to get to the job, it can be faced with an incredible variety of hazards. Between water damage to your printer’s circuits, dust or sand scratches to the delicate printhead, or rough handling damaging your printer’s case, the world can be a dangerous place for your card printing hardware. With so many potential challenges to face, you need a transport case that can protect your investment against anything the world can throw at it, and no case is tougher than a Pelican.

Pelican cases are constructed of an extremely durable HPX® resin which offers greater durability than aircraft -grade aluminum alloy, at half the weight. Crushproof, dustproof, impact resistant and watertight, Pelican cases are trusted by military personnel, law enforcement, and emergency crews the world over to keep sensitive equipment safe through the most demanding of conditions.

TSA approved Pelican cases are perfect for airline travel. The built-in Vortex® valve allows the case’s internal pressure to self-regulate without compromising watertightness, and the solid polyurethane, stainless-steel bearing wheels together with rubberized carry handles and an extendable pull handle make it easy to move your case from the gate to your destination.

Your Pelican case will come equipped with a custom-tooled foam insert, designed specially to precisely fit your ID Card Printer.  Thick, durable padding and tough padlock hasps ensure that your printer will be safe and secure wherever it goes!

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