Police ID Cards

Police ID Cards from Avon Security Products

Police ID cards are used by law enforcement to control and manage access to secure facilities and information, as well as to identify officers and other agents. Police have particular needs for their identification cards due to the nature of their work and the items kept at their sites. Thus, they require a high level of card security for their ID cards.

For individuals working in policing, identification cards serve a number of important functions. They let the public and other police staff know that they are officers of the law, and they are important for regulating and monitoring access to resources and facilities. 

Avon Security offers a number of tailored police ID card solutions that are perfectly suitable for the law enforcement sector. Our identification cards can include a number of security features that prevent counterfeiting and other interference, including holographic overlays, text imprints, logo imprints and more. This way, you can ensure that only authorized personnel are gaining access to police facilities, as well as information. 

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