Clear the Print Queue

Windows uses a feature called “Print Spooling” to increase the speed of sending multiple print jobs or multi-page print jobs to the printer.

When you click print, Windows sends a print job to the “Job Queue”, a list of everything to be printed. Sometimes, the queue gets stuck, preventing the next print job from starting.

To clear the queue manually:


1. Click start

2. In the search bar, type cmd, right click and run as administrator

3. In the cmd box, type net stop spooler and press enter

4. Open file explorer

5. Navigate to C:\windows\system32\spool\printers

6. Inside this folder will be all the stuck print jobs. Highlight all of them and delete, skip any warnings

7. Go back to the cmd box, type net start spooler and press enter

Now try to print a card. If these steps didn’t work, you may be affected by a different issue. Please contact us at