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Avon Security is a leading provider of ID products and accessories in Canada, specializing in custom ID card printing.

We work with businesses and organizations across the country to provide security solutions they can count on. We understand that a successful printing program requires a professional printer and printing software. Our inventory offers a variety of functionalities geared specifically towards printing and issuing high-quality ID cards and badges.

Order online and experience the benefits of elevated security with your new ID card printer.

At Avon Security, we know that the best ID card printer combines convenience and accessibility without sacrificing quality.

Our inventory of single and dual-sided plastic ID card printers is designed to change the way your business operates for the better. With innovative, built-in security features, you can seamlessly print as many pieces of identification as you need for your employees and guests.

Using a durable plastic ID card, the printing possibilities are endless. Unsure which ID printer is suitable for you? Just ask our online security specialists for a free product recommendation.

Choose Avon Security: Our Mission

Avon Security is proud to be one of the largest providers of security products, including ID cards, card printers, badge holders, and printer accessories.

With over 15 years of industry experience, we understand what Canadian businesses need when it comes to security solutions. We offer a selection of quality-made photo ID printers and printable ID cards to help you streamline your security efforts.

We work with a wide range of industries nationwide, including corporate entities, government bodies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and more. Our team will ensure you find the photo ID card printer that’s right for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About ID Card Printers

An ID card printer is a machine that’s designed to print graphics, texts, barcodes, and images on a plastic card or badge. Businesses and organizations use the machine’s photo ID software to print identification for employees and authorized visitors, granting them access to the company’s offices and entry points.

An ID card printer uses ID photo software to print graphics, text, images, and barcodes for its designated business or organization.

These printers require a plastic ID card to transfer the appropriate images and text, which will then act as a piece of identification employees can use to access their company’s entry points, offices, file rooms and more. The user can print cards on demand for a more efficient and convenient security solution.

While it is possible to print a photo ID card on a standard Inkjet or laser printer, you likely won’t experience the same efficiency and quality you’d find with a professional ID card printing machine.

A plastic card printer is tailored to create quality ID cards and badges on demand, using innovative, built-in security features, including resin scramble data protection, and high-capacity, full and half-panel colour ribbons – which can significantly lower the cost per card.

At Avon Security, we provide businesses with ID card printers in Canada that meet their needs and work within their budget. Our security specialists will take you through our inventory and explain the features and benefits of our single and dual-sided printers to ensure you have the information you need to make your decision.

There are three common card types that can be used with a plastic card printer.

PVC Cards

PVC cards — or Plastic Polyvinyl Chloride cards — are blank cards that do not include any internal technologies like chips or antennas. These cards are best suited for visual identification where proximity access is not a priority. A plastic ID card printer can efficiently transfer images and text onto a PVC card to allow businesses to create on-demand identification for employees and authorized guests.

Magnetic Cards

Businesses or organizations equipped with entry or access systems that require ID cards to be swiped will print on magnetic cards. Magnetic stripe technology can be found on select ID card printers and is designed to store encoded data which employees can use to safely access entry points or clock in or out of their shifts.

Smart Cards

Smart cards are designed with an embedded chip and include accessible memory and an internal microprocessor, which are then used for network security, loyalty programs, transit cards and more.

When looking for an ID card printer in Canada, these qualities and capabilities are crucial to creating the on-demand security solutions you need. Certain ID card printers offer smart card encoding, which allows businesses to upgrade their security features.

Full-Colour Capabilities

If you’re printing visual ID badges for employees and authorized visitors, you need a plastic card printer that can effectively download and transfer quality images onto your ID cards.

Flexible Printing

In some cases, you may have to print on a plastic ID card that’s slightly larger than a standard size. In those cases, you need an ID card printer that can adapt its printing capabilities to meet your specifications.

Fast Printing Speeds

An on-demand printer should have the capacity to print full-colour photo cards in under a minute. This type of efficiency is crucial for businesses and organizations looking to print large volumes of ID cards at lower costs.

At Avon Security, we offer a selection of single and dual-sided ID card printers designed to help businesses in Canada enhance their security operations.

Our single-sided card printers are designed to produce a high volume of plastic ID badges in record time, using innovative print technology. Users can create quality edge-to-edge card designs and include any graphics, barcodes, texts, and images relevant to their company.

With our dual-sided ID card printers, the direct-to-card experience has never been more seamless. With a variety of comprehensive features — including full and half-panel colour ribbons, custom overlay watermark capabilities, and modular, scalable designs — businesses and organizations can issue a higher volume of security cards and IDs at a fraction of the cost.

At Avon Security, we’re proud to be one of the leading suppliers of ID card printers in Canada. With over 15 years of experience, we understand what makes a quality printer and have used that knowledge to help thousands of customers across the country.

Whether you’re looking for a single-sided or dual-sided plastic card printer, we have a machine that can help streamline your security efforts without sacrificing productivity or costs. Each machine offers its own unique features and upgrading capabilities, giving you the freedom to select an ID card printer that’s right for your business.

Our security specialists are available online for free product recommendations. They’ll talk you through our selection of printers, card systems, and printer supplies so that you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

These printers can provide significant benefits for businesses and organizations across Canada, including:


The ability to print ID cards and badges on demand is a significant advantage for Canadian businesses. Since employees and guests will come and go throughout the year and titles change, the convenience of these machines cannot be understated. Employers can easily present new and updated IDs to their staff without hesitation or delay.


Rather than paying an outside company to create and send ID cards and badges, you can use a single or dual-sided printer from Avon Security to produce the credentials you need. This solution gives you complete control over printing capabilities and will ensure cards cannot be tampered with by outside influences.

Upgrade Features

Many printers offer a range of advanced features and printing capabilities, including magnetic strip encoding and smart card encoding. These features give businesses the opportunity to enhance their security measures and tailor their printing needs.

Industry Capabilities

These machines can be used by a wide range of industries in Canada, including government entities, universities and colleges, healthcare facilities, small businesses and more. With distinct security features and cost-effective printing capabilities, any-sized business or organization can tailor its machine to meet its printing needs.

If you’re looking to enhance your company or organization’s security measures, you need a device that can efficiently print employee ID badges with innovative single or dual-sided printing capabilities. Before you select your preferred machine, let’s look at the difference between a single and dual-sided ID card printer.

A single-sided ID printer is only capable of printing on one side of a card. In some cases, this type of photo ID printer is best, primarily for businesses or organizations looking to print visual identification and does not need any magnetic encoding or smart technologies.

A dual-sided ID printer, by contrast, is capable of printing on both sides of a card simultaneously. This is beneficial for businesses that require magnetic encoding or simply require more text to be added to the card. Using a dual-sided printer, companies can ensure all relevant information is present without trying to combine everything on one side of the card.

There are countless industries in Canada that can benefit from investing in an ID card printer, including but not limited to:


Retail workers must clock in and out of their shifts and often have a piece of identification used to do so. With this type of printer, employers can keep up with seasonal hires and promotions using their machine’s single or dual-sided capabilities.


Hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, and rehabilitation centres are secure facilities that have various entry points accessible only by authorized individuals. With a custom ID card printer, healthcare facilities can create ID badges that not only provide the access that their staff needs but can also be securely displayed on their uniforms to present to patients and their family members.


Colleges and universities are often large campuses with hundreds of staff, ranging from professors to office administrators. An innovative single or dual-sided ID printer is the perfect solution to ensure all authorized individuals can display their school ID cards and be granted access to faculty offices.


All government buildings are equipped with high-level security systems and require advanced ID cards and printers to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to access municipal, provincial, and federal buildings.

At Avon Security, we believe quality should never be sacrificed for costs. That’s why we’re proud to be a leading provider of ID card printers in Canada.

Each ID card printer is priced fairly and according to its capabilities. Machines range in price, depending on if they’re a single or dual-sided printer and start at $1598.

If you’re unsure which machine is right for you, our online experts can provide free product recommendations to help ensure you’re working within your budget.

Avon Security is proud to be a leading provider of security products and accessories.

We work with businesses and organizations nationwide to enhance their security measures and daily operations without losing productivity. Each plastic card printer we offer is designed to produce ID cards on demand with stunning edge-to-edge design capabilities.

Browse our selection today and speak with a security specialist for a free product recommendation.