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Avon Security Products Proximity Cards

Avon Security Products is proud to be a leading proximity card supplier in Canada with over 15 years of industry experience.

As a full-service proximity card printer, we work with businesses, government institutions, healthcare providers, and educational bodies to provide custom security solutions with our selection of premium ID cards, badges and accessories, photo ID software and more.

Order our security products online today and experience the benefits of enhanced security with prox card technology.

Avon Security is proud to be the leading proximity card supplier with over 25 thousand clients nationwide.

Using the latest encoded technologies, we offer custom proximity security solutions for companies, organizations, and institutions across Canada. Our cards are designed to match any security system and can include a wide range of counterfeiting prevention features, including holographics and watermarks.

We offer a selection of products and accessories to suit all security needs. We provide complimentary recommendations to ensure you select the ID cards best suited to your business.

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Choose Avon Security: Our Mission

At Avon Security, we provide businesses in Canada with the security products they need to protect their employees, clients, and properties.

We work with over 25 thousand customers nationally, ranging from insurance companies to provincial and federal government bodies. We provide standard and HID proximity cards and accessories that work with the country’s most sophisticated readers and computer networks.

Our security experts will guide you through our selection of prox cards, badges and accessories, photo ID software and more, ensuring you have the information you need to choose the right security product for your business.

Contact our team today and learn how our prox cards can provide trusted identification security solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About About Proximity Cards

A proximity card is a contactless card used to gain access to a residential, commercial, municipal, or provincial building. Prox cards can be read without insertion into a card reader device and are accessible even from inside a wallet or purse.

The acronym refers to each of the five options for programming proximity cards boxes contain the pertinent information you need for future orders.

The “LGGMN” programming configuration is the most common for printable HID and Compatible cards; There are five criteria customers must select when ordering the LGGMN configuration, including:

  1. Programmed or non-programmed
  • L:  Programmed
  • N:  Non-programmed

It’s more convenient to have cards pre-programmed when you order them, because programming can be a complex process that most companies are not equipped to manage internally.

  1.  Card front surface options
  • G:  Plain white PVC with gloss finish – surface is intended to be printed upon
  • C:  Custom artwork – surface features custom artwork

This refers to the front of the prox cards. Compatible cards feature a plain, white surface on the front. Although most customers do not select this option, HID can print custom artwork onto cards if the artwork is provided. This option is more expensive and takes longer to process.

  1. Card back surface options
  • G:  Plain white PVC with gloss finish – surface is intended to be printed upon
  • S:  Standard ISOProx II artwork gloss finish – HID cards have “ISO Prox HID” printed on the card
  • C:  Custom artwork – surface features custom artwork

This options refers to the back of the prox cards. ValuProx cards feature a plain, white surface on the back with a small “ValuProx” logo. In addition, HID’s cards has “ISO Prox HID” printed on the back of the card.

  1. Card numbering options*
  • M:  The programmed card number inside the card is the same as the number printed on the outer surface of the card.
  • S:  Sequential internal/sequential non-matching external card numbering (a security feature some companies choose as they do not want the programmed numbers inside the card to match the numbers on the outside)
  1. Slot punch / no slot punch
  • N:  No hole in the card (no punch) – Cards that are intended to be printed upon and punched after the printing process is complete
  • V:  Vertical slot punch – a common option (however, with pre-punched cards, there is a chance that the hole may damage the printer’s printhead which can be a costly repair or replacement ($500 – $600)
  • H:  Horizontal slot punch – a common option (however, with pre-punched cards, there is a chance that the hole may damage the printer’s printhead which can be a costly repair or replacement ($500 – $600)

Avon Security is proud to be a Canadian-owned and operated company with over 25 thousand clients nationwide.

Since 2005, we’ve expanded our company to include a wide range of customized security products and accessories, including our selection of premium proximity cards. We work with commercial, corporate, and governmental entities to provide proximity access cards that improve current security measures and ensure employees and guests feel safe on their properties.

We design custom-printed proximity cards that work with a broad range of access reader formats, including 26-bit, 35-bit, 37-bit, and 172-bit. Clients can choose from a selection of cards and accessories, including clamshell cards, an HID proximity card, wristbands, and key fobs.

We work with Canadian businesses to ensure their prox cards are designed to hold their desired encoded data, providing trusted, enhanced security solutions.

At Avon Security, we work closely with our clients to ensure their cards are compatible with any standard or HID proximity card reader.

We customize your cards to reflect your unique facility code and required card format for your reader, whether you’re working with a 26-bit or a 172-bit. Our security experts will use the embedded metallic antenna coil technology to ensure access to your desired properties and peace of mind for all employees and guests.

Whether you’re using a standard or HID prox card, proper maintenance and care is essential to ensure card longevity and secure data storage.

Keep your card in an area that’s free from dust or airborne particles and, if possible, store it in a flexible vinyl holder to protect it from harmful UV rays.

When handling your prox card, always hold it from the edges and refrain from holding it by the finished surface. This is because oil from your hands can cause distortions to the card. To clean your card, we recommend using 99% pure isopropyl alcohol to avoid any lingering residue.

There are several sub-categories of prox cards used by businesses, organizations, and governments across Canada.

  • Clamshell
  • HID
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Key Fobs
  • Composite

At Avon Security, we offer a diverse range of proximity ID cards, including HID prox, for commercial, corporate, and government bodies nationwide. Our security specialists work with our clients to determine the right products and accessories for their business, for enhanced security solutions they can trust.

Avon Security Products offers a wide selection of prox cards and accessories by the leading brands in North America, including but not limited to:


An HID proximity card uses RFID-embedded technology to access control systems and open doors in public and private buildings. Cards are coded upon printing and incorporate small radio receivers embedded into the ID card.


Using advanced proximity technology, Honeywell offers ID cards available in both PVC and Clamshell. These cost-effective solutions are available in 32 and 34 bits and can be purchased as single cards or in packs of 100.


ADT’s selection of prox cards incorporates seamless control of all entry points throughout your business or organization. With ADT-compatible cards and key fobs, you can control access to all offices, elevators, parking facilities and more.


Choose from Keyscan’s selection of customizable products with advanced proximity technology, including their HID prox, transmitters, and key tags. Each is designed to work with the leading proximity access ID card systems.

Proximity cards work by accessing a low frequency 125kHz to transmit cardholder data to a door access reader. Data is stored on a prox card with an embedded metallic antenna coil and, when it’s placed on a proximity card reader, the card’s custom numbers pass through to the access control panel. This will verify if those numbers match what is listed in the internal database. If the card’s numbers are approved, the door will unlock.

Proximity access cards provide enhanced protection and security to a broad range of industries and businesses in Canada, including but not limited to:

Avon Security is proud to work with clients across the country to provide quality proximity security solutions using today’s leading technologies. We offer custom-printed prox cards that guarantee protection and peace of mind.

The majority of prox cards, including HID proximity cards, have an antenna that’s made from a coil of wire, an integrated circuit, and a capacitor. These components are sealed inside the card, which is why most are thicker than traditional ID cards.

While both technologies utilize radio waves, there are distinct differences between RFID and proximity cards.

RFID cards store serial numbers which can then identify an item or person. They are primarily used for tracking containers and packages in the shipping industry or to keep track of warehouse inventory.

Proximity cards, on the other hand, are contactless ID cards that communicate with remote receivers using an embedded antenna. These cards hold encoded data and are used to access buildings and offices.

Absolutely! A prox card uses an embedded metallic antenna coil to store encoded data. This data includes a unique sequence of numbers specific to each card, which is then read by an HID proximity card reader, which will verify if those numbers match what has been approved in the company’s internal database.

Yes, in certain environments, a proximity card can be demagnetized. Demagnetization may occur if the prox card is affected by a magnetic field, whether that is a magnetic zipper or button. This often occurs when cards are carried inside pockets or bags without a protective covering. A flexible vinyl badge holder can prevent demagnetization and prevent any dust or spills from compromising the card.

Every proximity card has a unique sequence number which refers to the card ID number. Sequence numbers or ranges cannot be duplicated, ensuring high-level security.

A prox card’s sequence numbers are programmed alongside the custom facility code. The combination of the two identifies the proximity card reader who does and does not have access to a particular building. It’s imperative that prox cards, including any HID prox card, do not have duplicate sequence numbers, as systems cannot tell the two apart.

If you’re looking to order many cards, you might consider setting up more than one facility code within your system, which requires card readers to be compatible with multiple codes.

Proximity ID cards offer a wide range of benefits and advantages to businesses looking to enhance their security measures, including:

  • Controlled access to building entrances
  • Controlled access to interior offices and secure site areas
  • Difficult to replicate for advanced security
  • Integration with established security systems
  • Reduced wear and tear found with standard locks and keys
  • Streamlined daily operations

At Avon Security, we work with businesses and organizations across Canada to implement advanced security features using our selection of prox cards, including HID proximity solutions. Our security experts will customize cards to work with your internal security system and ensure controlled access is established.

If you’re interested in purchasing prox cards for your business or organization, contact Avon Security today.

We offer a selection of custom-printed prox cards, including HID prox and accessories that are available across Canada. Our products can be tailored to work with any prox card reader for enhanced security solutions you can trust.

Contact our team today to learn more about prox card technology.