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Avon Security Products is a leader in quality identification and security solutions, specializing in custom PVC card printing.

As a PVC card ID printer armed with over 15 years of industry experience, we help businesses across Canada streamline their security efforts with our selection of PVC ID card printing, card systems, badges and accessories, photo ID software and more.

Order online today and experience enhanced security benefits with our PVC cards.

Avon Security Products is the leading supplier of custom printed plastic cards in Canada. We work with customers across a broad spectrum of industries, from hospitality and retail to healthcare and education, to ensure they have the security products and accessories they need to enhance their daily operations.

Our PVC cards are available in multiple sizes and colours, with a selection of custom design options to suit any aesthetic and budget.

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Choose Avon Security: Our Mission

At Avon Security, we believe Canadian businesses deserve the highest-quality security solutions, which include durable PVC cards.

As a full-service PVC card ID printer, we’re proud to deliver one of the largest selections of printer supplies, badge accessories, non-breakaway and breakaway lanyards, ID cards and ID card printer systems nationwide.

We provide complimentary recommendations to help you find the security products and accessories your company needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About About PVC Cards

PVC cards are plastic cards that are designed with a polyvinyl chloride film on each side. The polyvinyl chloride film acts as a protective surface to increase the card’s durability and scratch resistance, which is ideal for creating an identification card.

PVC card printing is a process that involves using a special PVC ID card printer to transfer an image and text onto a plastic card.

The purpose of printing on a plastic card is to produce identification that can be used in a variety of security-related scenarios and environments, including accessing authorized-only buildings or displaying credentials to a client or security personnel.

PVC card printing is used for a wide range of security-related solutions thanks to its durability and flexibility.

A specialized ID card printer can safely transfer text, photographs, holographic imprints, and watermarks onto a plastic card for a more professional aesthetic. These cards are also harder to replicate and can be printed at a significantly lower cost than other materials.

When presented, a printed plastic card offers a smooth first impression to clients, visitors, employees, and security personnel.

There are three common techniques used for printing on a plastic card.

Dry Sublimation

The process of dry sublimation involves using a ribbon with three primary colours on its ribbon — Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta. While it’s being printed, a print head with heated thermal elements will gloss over the ribbon and dry the ink appropriately on the plastic card.

Reverse Transfer

In the case of a reverse transfer, the plastic card itself isn’t printed — instead, a thin layer of polyester resin prints the reverse image on the card. Once the printing is finished, the film is applied to the custom PVC ID card.

Holographs and Lamination

Like reverse transfer, a laminate film — or holographic overlay — is placed over the card at the end of printing. This protects it from being tampered with and adds an extra layer of security.

At Avon Security, we offer plastic card printing for a selection of card sizes. Our inventory of PVC cards is available as 30Mil with magnetic strips, smart chip cards, 10 Mil Mylar-backed and more.

At Avon Security, we believe in helping businesses across Canada enhance their security features using the highest-quality plastic cards printing solutions.

With over 15 years of experience, we understand the importance of supplying ID cards, badge holders, card printers and system accessories that add convenience, functionality, and, above all else, security to your company’s everyday operations.

We believe PVC cards are more than plastic cards with printing capabilities — they’re a trusted way to secure your business and welcome guests. Visit us online or speak with one of our experts who can provide free product recommendations.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is a cost-effective plastic material used to print identification cards for businesses and organizations. These cards are designed to be durable and flexible and are most used in professional settings in Canada.

PET, on the other hand, is a plastic resin and a form of polyester. PET cards are made of a combination of PVC and polyester and are known for withstanding high temperatures. They are known to be more expensive than their PVC counterparts.

At Avon Security, our plastic cards printing services offer two important security features designed to help businesses in Canada elevate their daily security measures.

Visual Security

Adding a visual component to your PVC card ensures you’re maximizing its visual security capabilities. With holographic visual identification technology, your PV card instantly becomes more difficult to replicate or alter without noticeable tampering.

Digital Security

The digital features included in a PVC card determine how guests and employees can access offices and entryways within your business or organization. The most effective options are smart chips, magnetic stripes, and RFID proximity communication — which can grant users access without needing to remove it from a badge holder, purse, or wallet.

When it comes to advanced security solutions, businesses in Canada need products and materials they can trust to withstand daily wear and tear.

The purpose of printing on a plastic card is to safely transfer important identification and credentials, ensuring only authorized personnel can access a specified office or building. Additionally, a PVC ID card printer can enhance any company’s logo and help promote brand awareness and legitimacy.

We’ve worked with a wide range of industries and businesses across Canada to provide enhanced security solutions through our ID card printer services. This includes:

Our security specialists will work with you to determine if printed plastic cards are the fitting addition to your company.

If you’re looking for quality ID card printing, Avon Security can help.

We work with thousands of clients across Canada, providing products and accessories to help streamline their security efforts. We offer a selection of high-quality PVC cards that can be customized to reflect your company’s image and budget.

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