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Avon Security Products Badge Reels

Avon Security is Canada’s leading security solutions provider specializing in custom badges and badge reels in Canada.

Retractable badge reels are a great way to wear your ID or access your badge. They allow you to pull the card out and present it to the reader or security person, then the card automatically retracts when you are finished. Our retractable badge reels are available with or without custom badges or logos.

Armed with over 15 years of experience, we help businesses across Canada enhance their security efforts and increase efficiency. Our products are designed to add convenience to your everyday operations.

Learn how personalized badge reels can help you secure your business.

Avon Security is Canada’s leading security provider offering one of the largest selections of retractable badge reels and custom accessories in the country.

We help businesses streamline their daily operations with products that are designed to maximize accessibility, visibility, and security. Badge reels are a convenient and accessible accessory that can make all the difference in keeping an establishment secure. We offer a wide range of badge reel products, including premium dual-clip carabiners, no-twist IDs, eco-friendly reels and more.

Our selection of retractable badges can be customized to reflect your brand aesthetic or display your full company logo for unique and cost-effective marketing efforts.

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Choose Avon Security: Our Mission

Avon Security is proud to help Canadian businesses enhance their on-site security.

We provide effective security solutions for a wide range of industries nationwide, ranging from healthcare to hospitality, emergency services, non-profit organizations and more.

With over 15 years of experience, we understand what our clients need in their security products and accessories. Our inventory reflects the demand for accessible and affordable ID card systems, ID card printers, ID badge holders, and personalized badge reels.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Badge Clips

A badge reel is an accessory that connects a badge holder and ID card to an individual’s clothing. Once the reel is clipped to a pocket or belt loop, the badge’s retractable cord can extend outwards to show any security personnel or swipe against an access card reader.

A retractable badge reel is designed to hold and display ID cards, badges, and proximity cards. There are two types of retractable badge reels most used by businesses in Canada.

The first is a badge reel that includes a spring gate at the top of the accessory, which can securely attach to a belt loop or lanyard with a convenient retractable badge cord for easy access.

The second type of badge reel includes a slide-on belt clip. This clip can attach to a shirt, jacket, or pant pocket and features a retractable badge.

An ID badge reel is a simple and effective tool used to display professional credentials and can be secured to a lanyard, belt loop, or to a pocket on a piece of clothing. With a retractable design, individuals can securely attach their ID badge holder and use the extendable cord to present their ID to access card reader or security personnel.

To set up your retractable badge reel, open the PVC card clip at the end of the item and thread it through the opening of your badge holder. If your badge reel has a key ring at the end, find the opening and thread the badge holder through until it’s secure.

Once secured, you can either use the metal clip to slide onto a shirt, jacket or pant pocket or use the metal spring gate at the top if your reel does not have a back clip.

A retractable badge reel is more than an efficient security accessory for businesses in Canada – it can be used as an expression of company pride and used to increase brand awareness.

At Avon Security, we offer a selection of ID badge reels that can be customized to fit your company’s aesthetic or printed with your company logo. Each reel we offer can be tailored to your needs, ensuring your employees are provided with top-quality security solutions.

Our custom acrylic labels can be personalized to any brand or organization. Simply choose your preferred colours and text or request a full company logo, and our printing specialists will get in touch to confirm your selections.

At Avon Security, we offer a selection of retractable badge reels for businesses across Canada, including:


A no-twist badge reel is designed to ensure your ID is always facing the correct way. Its secure feature assures the user that their card will always be in view for security staff to identify and authorize access on the premises.

Dual Clip Carabiner

With a dual-clip badge reel, users can choose to secure their ID via the metal back clip or the carabiner, which is a spring gate at the top of the reel that can easily clip onto a belt loop or lanyard.

Badge Reel with Split Ring

Split rings are an effective badge reel accessory that ensure your ID holder cannot slip or fall off the badge reel, like how a slit ring will secure your home, office, and car keys.

Recycled ID Badge Reel

We offer a selection of ID badge reels made from re-ground postproduction plastic in our reel manufacturing facility. This eco-friendly choice features a 30-inch extendable nylon cord and a slide-on belt clip.

At Avon Security, we offer one of the largest selections of security products and accessories, including our trusted badge reels.

We offer badge reels that not only guarantee safety and security but offer businesses in Canada a more efficient and convenient way to hold and display their identification and credentials. We offer a selection of customizable products to suit all customers, ranging from our economy badge reels to our innovative dual-clip options.

We help brands in Canada stand out with custom acrylic labels, which can be personalized to reflect your company’s brand aesthetic or branded with your official logo. With these unique options, you have the freedom to optimize your daily security efforts.

Our experienced security specialists provide free online recommendations so you can feel confident you’ve selected the retractable badge reel that’s right for your business and your employees.

A retractable badge reel can offer a range of benefits for businesses in Canada, including:


A badge reel is designed to provide enhanced visibility and ensure your card is kept out of the way while remaining accessible when you need to present it to security personnel or swipe against an access card reader.


Instead of fishing your ID out of a pocket, wallet, or purse, a retractable badge reel allows you to securely display your ID. The extended nylon cord can be used to swipe or present your card without the need for removing it from your pocket, lanyard, or belt loop.


Badge reels can be an effective marketing tool or simply used to display company pride. With customizable acrylic labels, businesses in Canada can transform a simple accessory into a statement piece that offers functionality and increased ID visibility.

A badge reel is an accessory that connects to a badge holder and is then secured to an individual’s piece of clothing, using either a spring gate or a metal clip. A retractable badge reel includes a nylon cord that can extend outwards to be swiped against an access card reader or presented to security personnel.

A badge clip is made of PVC material and is the mechanism that attaches a badge holder to a retractable badge reel, lanyard, or directly onto an individual’s clothing.

There are several industries in Canada that can benefit from using a retractable badge reel, including but not limited to:


Doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals must always have their credentials on full display — not only to be granted access to secured entryways and offices but to also communicate with patients and their family members. A retractable badge reel guarantees visibility and accessibility.


Government officials and assistants are required to present their identification throughout their day, whether they’re attending cabinet meetings or speaking with authorized guests. Retractable badges ensure all personnel can securely display their government ID without any hesitation of losing or misplacing their credentials.


Corporate leaders and employees often work in environments that handle classified documents and conduct high-level meetings. To ensure that only authorized individuals can access these entry points, a retractable badge reel can securely display the appropriate credentials with a convenient and accessible extendable cord. This ensures individuals can present their ID without having to remove it from their person.

If you’re looking for professional ID accessories, trust Avon Security Products.

We offer one of the largest supplies of security products and accessories in Canada, including a selection of retractable badge reels. A badge reel is the most convenient and effective way to display your ID to security personnel and any access card reader.

Looking to customize your badge reel? We offer personalized acrylic labels to help your brand stand out.

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