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Avon Security Products is a leading ID card maker in Canada with over 15 years of industry experience and expertise.

We know that ID cards can be used for much more than basic photo identification. New technology makes PVC cards ideal for school IDs, employee badges, cashless payment cards, and more. We carry a wide selection of ID badges, from standard CR80 PVC cards (credit card size) to magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards, and even eco-friendly badges made of recycled materials.

We work with customers across a wide range of industries to help enhance their security measures and streamline their daily operations.

Learn how custom photo cards like photo IDs can provide the security solutions you need.

We offer one of the largest selections of ID badges, cashless payment cards, proximity cards and eco-friendly ID cards nationwide. Your ID badge can be customized to reflect your company’s brand aesthetic while ensuring all external and internal data is encoded for maximum security and convenience.

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Choose Avon Security: Our Mission

At Avon Security, we’re proud to be the leading supplier of photo ID cards and accessories in Canada.

We work with thousands of customers across the country, including government bodies, corporate entities, public service workers, and non-profit organizations. With an experienced ID card maker, you can streamline your company’s security efforts and ensure all employees and guests are granted the necessary access.

Our card specialists will guide you through our selection of photo cards, ID badges, and accessories, ensuring you have the information you need to choose the right security solution for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About ID Cards

ID cards are a piece of documentation used to verify a person’s identity. An identity card will feature a photo of the individual and can be used in a wide variety of settings, including ordering alcohol, picking up a package, or entering an authorization-only establishment.

An ID card can be customized to include any number of details, including an individual’s name, job title and department, and accompanying photograph. This type of badge is designed to grant access to employee areas, ensure payment verification, and improve customer services by organizing and accessing the information listed on their ID.

The ID carrier will present their card to any necessary security personnel or customer representative to be granted access to the appropriate office or receive important information pertaining to a package or shipment.

An ID badge printer will gather the necessary information and graphics needed to customize their client’s ID cards.

First, they’ll gather graphics and imagery and determine if any logos or brand colours should be used in the card design. Once they have the graphics in place, data is encoded on a magnetic strip or contactless smart chip, ensuring all client data is protected against tampering.

Using an advanced ID printing system, all data and graphics are combined into one PVC or proximity card. In some cases, clients will order an ID card holder for each piece of identification to protect their IDs from damage.

A card holder is a clear overlay used to protect your badge against the elements. Card holder designs can vary and can be made from a range of materials, including metal, molded rigid plastic, or an environmentally friendly EVA solution.

At Avon Security, we offer a selection of quality-made badge holders to ensure your credentials are safe from dirt and debris, spills, and any external tampering.

At Avon Security, we offer a selection of quality photo ID cards and accessories for businesses across Canada, including:

PVC Cards

Our PVC cards are designed with durability and flexibility in mind, allowing you to provide your employees and company guests with the access they need.

Oversized Cards

In some cases, you need an ID card that doesn’t fit the traditional dimensions. We offer a selection of oversized cards and accessories to help you find the security solutions you need.

Proximity Cards

Our proximity cards will match any security system and can include a wide range of counterfeiting prevention features, including holographic and watermarks.

Photo ID Cards

Your Canadian photo ID cards will feature an accurate visual representation of your employees, ensuring they’re granted the access they need to perform at their highest level.

Card Holders and Accessories

Protecting your custom IDs from external damages is essential to ensuring longevity and safeguarding any encoded data. Whether you’re looking for an ID card holder, lamination pouch, or protective overlay, we have the resources you need to keep your photo cards secure.

At Avon Security, we believe your business deserves security solutions that you can trust.

That’s why we’re proud to be a leading provider of ID cards, badges, and accessories in Canada. We’ve helped thousands of customers enhance their daily operations by supplying their employees with custom card designs, encoded with the necessary data to ensure they have access to the offices and entrances they need.

We have an ID card and badge for every environment and situation, including proximity cards, cashless payment cards, employee badges, and eco-friendly PVC cards.

Our security experts will provide free product recommendations, so you have the information you need to choose the right badge or ID card holder for your business.

If you’re required to wear an identification badge at work, visibility is key. Your card must be visible so that any required security personnel can verify your identity and grant you access to the building.

You can either display your credentials in an ID card holder using a badge clip, a breakaway lanyard, or a non-breakaway lanyard. A card holder ensures security, fellow employees, and authorized guests can easily recognize you and avoid asking questions that don’t pertain to your department.

We offer a wide range of protective features for your Canadian ID badge, including:

Protective Overlays

A protective overlay helps keep your ID badge safe from harmful UV rays, prolonging its longevity and ensuring your data is secure.

Lamination Pouches

With our selection of lamination pouches, you can protect your ID card from dust, dirt, spills and more. We offer credit card sizes and larger, fishing/hunting license sizes for your convenience.

Security Labels

We offer a selection of non-residue security labels designed to improve the security of your custom ID badge, including our Security-Guard Plus, which provides better tamper evidence against low-energy surfaces.

A photo ID badge offers significant protective benefits to businesses and their employees in Canada, including:

Enhanced Security

Photo identity cards help companies avoid unauthorized guests on their premises by identifying employees’ and guests’ credentials — ensuring everyone’s safety and familiarity.

Technology Integration

Automated access control is an effective way to secure certain areas of your business without compromising productivity. A custom ID badge and card holder from Avon Security can seamlessly integrate with several access control technologies, including RFID and Smart Chips, for enhanced daily security.

Colour Coordination

An experienced ID card maker can customize your card’s design to include colours that reflect clearance levels. This streamlines the identification process and ensures only authorized personnel can access classified files and entry points.

Accessible Across Industries

An ID card isn’t just for large corporations. Businesses of all sizes and across all industries can benefit from the enhanced security you’ll only find with a custom ID card design.

We work with customers across a spectrum of industries, improving their security operations through our selection of Canadian ID badges, card holders, and accessories.

Corporate Offices

Since most corporate offices are only accessible to authorized individuals, a custom ID card offers an additional layer of security — whether it’s a photo ID badge or an access card. We help companies invest in ID card designs that protect sensitive corporate information and entry points.

Construction Sites

Construction sites in Canada are an important part of our economy and must be protected from vandalism and theft. With personalized ID cards for construction workers, we help construction workers ensure their sites are secure and machinery is protected.

Healthcare Professionals

Hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centres are trusted with protecting patient information, which is kept on secure databases and in confidential file rooms. A custom ID and ID card holder ensure only authorized individuals can access patient records and insurance information.

Airport Security

Airports are known for their advanced security measures. We provide airport security ID cards that can seamlessly integrate with airport access control technologies, ensuring passengers and employees can engage safely with one another.

If you’re looking for custom photo ID cards in Canada, trust Avon Security.

Since 2005, we’ve helped thousands of Canadian businesses enhance their daily security operations through our inventory of quality products and accessories. We offer custom ID card design solutions to help your company protect its employees and guests.

Order your photo ID, ID card holder, or ID badge printer online and experience our convenient same-day shipping.

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