Entrust Datacard TruCredential Plus v7 ID Card Software

Entrust Datacard TruCredential Plus  mid-level ID card software is a web-based application and created for use within a single-user environment. As your ID card issuance program evolves, it provides the essential tools to enhance your capabilities of designing, printing, and managing cards for small-to-medium-sized organizations. TruCredential Plus offers advanced photo capture and data import, as well as the ability to incorporate encoding, helping you create professional-looking credentials. In addition, the Plus version offers signature capture for a more secure credential, and reporting capabilities that you can export into a PDF.

Great user interface
TruCredential Plus Software provides a variety of unique capabilities to streamline the production of your ID cards. The ideal choice for users looking to enhance their ID issuance program, Plus is designed with a Quick Start Wizard and user-friendly interface that are simple to navigate. TruCredential Plus allows you to create crisp, colorful IDs for your entire organization on your own, or with the easy-to-use pre-designed ID card templates included with your software.

More advanced security & encoding capabilities
Equipped with encoding options to help safeguard your ID cards, Entrust Datacard TruCredential Plus offers an array of security options such as:

  • 2D formats: Data matrix, PDF 417, and QR Code
  • Magnetic stripe encoding

Add an additional layer of security to help prevent counterfeit cards with signature capture technology. Plus offers you full design control to add signatures to the front or back of your ID cards.

Easily design field layouts
The unique composite fields feature allows you to connect multiple fields into a single field within the workflow, such as combining "First Name" and "Last Name" fields so that they both appear on one line. You can also control which order the data fields are displayed on your ID card, regardless of the order in which they are listed in your Plus software, providing increased flexibility with the card's layout.

Seamless DSLR camera integration
TruCredential Plus offers users the ability to support DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras. DSLR cameras such as the Canon Rebel T5 offer a superb level of photo quality. This functionality to interface directly with DSLR cameras helps capture crisp, professional-looking images and load them directly into your ID card software.

Extensive reporting resources
Equipped with reporting capabilities, the Entrust Datacard Enterprise edition allows you to easily aggregate meaningful data based on your organization's unique reporting needs. Reports can be generated with custom layout, header, footer, data fields, and exported into a PDF document when you are ready to share them.

Robust database and server support
Conveniently connect to the TruCredential Plus Software web-based application with Microsoft SQL servers, and store your various credential projects with Microsoft Access database drivers.

Quick and easy version upgrades
Getting the latest version of Entrust Datacard TruCredential Plus Software is fast and easy since it's a web-based application. Should your credential requirements increase or change over time, simply upgrade to the TruCredential Professional or Enterprise for added features and functionality.

Create an internal database or import a Microsoft Access/Microsoft SQL Database

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