Evolis Holographic Varnish Overlay, "Genuine Globes" - 400 Images

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400 Prints


Holographic Varnish,
“Genuine Globes” Design

Compatible Printers

Zenius, Elypso, Primacy

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Need more help? Call 1.866.458.6999 or Live Chat

A helpful hint from Avon Security Products; in order to realize your Evolis Printer’s full potential for producing top-quality results, accept nothing less than genuine Evolis ribbon cartridges!

Evolis Varnish Overlay ribbons provide an extra layer of protection to your ID cards without the need for an expensive laminator unit.

Holographic Varnish Overlays contain embedded holograms to bolster the security of your printed ID cards.

Avon features the lowest price for ID card printer supplies in Canada; we guarantee it!

Avon Security Products is authorized to re-sell Evolis ID card products. Any ribbon we ship is 100% original manufacturer authentic, and has been carefully stored to keep your product at the highest possible quality!

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