TEMPbadge T2014 - 1 Day Slotted Expiring Handwritten Badge with Printed "VISITOR" Bar (Qty. 1000)

This all-in-one solution is perfect for organizations seeking an effective visitor badge program without things getting too complicated. This is a single-piece badge, meaning you don't need to order a separate front or back part. Simply write the guest's name on the badge, remove the middle liner, press the badge together and issue! After a day's use, the badge will show a series of red lines, indicating that the badge has expired and the guest's time is up.

This badge features a printed red "VISITOR" bar, making it clear that the wearer is a guest. The badge also features a slot, not an adhesive back, meaning a clip of some kind is required to issue this badge.

These are the perfect expiring badges for schools, offices, factories and more because of how quick and easy they are to issue. These badges offer all of the benefits of an expiring badge without any of the hassle.

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