TEMPbadge T2015 - 1 Day Expiring Inkjet Printable 4" x 6" Sheet of Badge Fronts (Qty. 1000)

Please note: These are not individual badges. These badges ship two per 4" x 6" sheet, and require an inkjet printer for customization.

Looking to print your own expiring visitor badges in full color? These are the badges for you!

This 4" x 6" sheet allows you to print your own expiring visitor badges with a standard inkjet printer. Each individual badge measures 1 15/16" x 2 13/16", plenty of space for printing a visitor name and your company's logo.

This part is only the badge front; a badge back (SKU T5903A) is required to create a full expiring badge solution. Once combined with the badge back, this badge front will show a series of red expiration lines after a day's use.

These badges are perfect for printing a small volume, as inkjet printers aren't the faster printers around. However, these badges can also be used to batch print color badges in advance, allowing your team to write the guest's name on the badge after the fact.

However you decide to approach it, these badge fronts will give your organization a professional, eye-catching Visitor Management solution.

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