TEMPbadge T2023 - 1 Day Adhesive Tab-Expiring Handwritten Badge with Printed "Visitor" (Qty. 1000)

This single-piece expiring badge is as easy to use as possible: simply write the visitor's information on the badge with a pen, pencil or marker, fold the expiration tab back and issue! It's that easy.

This badge will expire in a 1-day time frame to prevent reuse. After a day, a red "VOID" symbol will appear on the badge, making it clear that the guest's time at your site has ended. The badges are disposable as well, eliminating the need to collect them at the end of the day.

The badge also features a printed "VISITOR" title, making it clear that the wearer is a guest, not an employee.

These badges are the perfect Visitor Management solution for schools, hospitals, government offices, corporate offices and more. They're simple, yet effective, and will help make your site more secure.

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