TEMPbadge T6054A - Vertical Slotted Expiring Badge Back with Printed White Bar (Qty. 1000)

Unlike most of our TEMPbadge solutions, this badge back turns things upside down — or, more literally, rotates them 90 degrees!

This badge back stands out from the crowd because it uses a vertical orientation, as opposed to the vast majority of TEMPbadge products, which are horizontal. This format provides a little flexibility, allowing organizations to choose the orientation they prefer.

Please note that this token back requires a token front to create a complete solution.

Because of our new TEMPbadge technology, all token backs are now universal! This means that you can use any token time frame you want, as long as the sizes match up (try SKU T6119 or similar).

This badge back is slotted, meaning a clip is required for use.

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