TEMPbadge T6056A - Adhesive Expiring Token Back with "EXPIRED" (Qty. 1000)

Complete your token expiring solution with this adhesive token back! This back can be combined with both half-day and 1-day token fronts to create a complete solution.

Because this token back has an adhesive back, it give you flexibility: you can adhere it directly to the wearer for a small solution, or if your organization uses reusable visitor passes, this can be stuck on there and removed at visit's end.

In either case, you're getting a full-sized expiring solution in a smaller package. "EXPIRED" will appear after a half-day or full day, showing that the guest's time is up.

Please note that this is not a full solution: a token front (SKU T6119 or similar) is required to create an expiring solution.

This product is also available as a plain token back (SKU T6057A).

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