TEMPbadge T6059A - Adhesive Expiring Spot Back (Qty. 1000)

Complete your spot expiring solution with this adhesive spot back! This back can be combined with a spot front to create a complete solution.

Because this spot back has an adhesive back, it give you flexibility: you can adhere it directly to the wearer for a small solution, or if your organization uses reusable visitor passes, this can be stuck on there and removed at visit's end.

In either case, you're getting a full-sized expiring solution in a smaller package. A series of red lines will appear after a half-day or full day, showing that the guest's time is up.

Please note that this token back requires a token front to create a complete solution.

Because of our new TEMPbadge technology, all spot backs are now universal! This means that you can use any spot time frame you want, as long as the sizes match up (try SKU T6112 or similar).

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