Employee ID Cards

Company & Employee Photo ID Cards

Company photo ID cards serve multiple functions that help improve business operations. Most obviously, employee ID cards improve company security by providing an easy, convenient worker identification system. But identification cards can also be used to integrate time and attendance tracking, physical and digital access control, and more. 

With photo ID card systems from Avon Security Products, your business will acquire the custom employee ID card solution that perfectly suits your needs and objectives. Whether you seek general employee ID cards for personnel identification, or you require a more sophisticated and integrated photo ID card system, Avon has the technology and industry expertise to deliver the most effective solution. 

Why Choose Avon Security Products?

· Free full training on both software and printer

· 100% Canadian, meaning you are not charged any duties or brokerage fees

· Rapid, Free shipping  – most items arrive in 1-3 business days

· Free lifetime support on all products

· Canada’s lowest prices!

Avon Security Products provides photo ID cards systems of unparalleled quality and functionality. Our focus on technology means that you receive the most advanced systems for your company ID cards, from basic employee ID cards to custom imprinted hologram labels to combat counterfeiting. 

Look below to see what options are available for your company & employee photo ID card program.

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