Pharmaceutical Companies

ID Card Systems for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies have a goldmine of intellectual as well as physical property to protect. Research and development labs must be highly secure in order to protect trade secrets, as well as ensure the safety of pharmaceutical materials. Along with other security measures, photo identification cards are a simple but effective method for ensuring the integrity of your facilities is maintained.

At Avon Security Products, we offer a variety of ID card solutions that are well-suited for the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry. From simple photo identification cards for employees, visitors and contractors, to more advanced proximity card or secure systems solutions, our extensive range of products are designed to fit your security requirements. Our ID card systems are ideal for:

· On-site visitor badges

· Employee and contractor photo identification

· Access control for restricted areas

· Counterfeiting and tampering prevention

· Much more

Look below to see what options are available for your pharmaceutical ID card program.

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