Ski Resort Passes

Ski Resort Passes – Member ID Cards

For regular patrons of your ski hill, ski resort passes are preferable to traditional paper ski passes. With the right photo ID card system, you can issue not only high-quality ski passes for regulars,  but even staff ID badges to help ensure security and maintain access control. 

Providing ski resort passes in the form of photo ID cards carries a number of benefits. From a customer service perspective, they can greatly reduce the wait time in lift lines. They’re also much more durable than paper ski passes and can withstand the wear and tear of a long ski and snowboard season. Additionally, photo ID cards prevent the sharing of ski passes between skiers and snowboarders, and security features such as holographic imprints will prevent duplication. 

From a workforce management angle, issuing photo ID cards for your staff helps with identity verification, as well as providing a means to control access to equipment facilities, restricted areas, and even computer systems. 

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Look below to see what options are available for your ski resort pass ID card program.

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