Updating Firmware on a HDP5600

Keeping your ID card printer’s firmware up to date can help you prevent problems with printing.

To begin updating the firmware on your Fargo HDP5600 ID card printer, you’ll need to download three items from the Fargo website:

  1. The Fargo workbench, which can be downloaded at http://www3.hidglobal.com/drivers/15325
  2. The latest HDP5600 driver, which can be downloaded at https://www3.hidglobal.com/drivers/25717
  3. The latest HDP5600 firmware, which can be downloaded at https://www3.hidglobal.com/drivers/25718

After you have downloaded the driver file, run the driver software and follow the installation instructions.

How to Update Firmware

  1. Open the Fargo Workbench and choose your HDP5600 printer.
  2. Click on the Update Manager tab, and then choose your HDP5600 printer again.
  3. Check the button for Select Firmware File, and browse to the firmware file you downloaded. Click on Begin Updating. This process can take a few minutes to complete.