Changing Card Size on Sigma Printers

1) Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers.
2) Right click on Printer (“XPS Card Printer”) > Printer Properties.
3) Go to Printer Status > Configure Printer.
4) Login using your ID and Password, or Create new account if logging in for the first time.
5) Click on Menu button on top left corner and go to Device Detail
6) Copy ONLY the last 6 characters of the Device ID and paste it on blank notepad to use it in next steps:
7) Log-out your account:
8) Click on user icon like one shown below:
9) Enter your Service Account password:
a. 926918 + Paste the 6 characters from Device ID (For Example: 9269183d23d1)
b. Click login.
10) Go to Menu > Configuration > Settings:
11) Select Print from the dropdown menu:
12) Set CardRegistration as per your card size:
a. CR79 = 1
b. CR80 = 0