5 Common Complaints About Employee ID Cards and How to Fix Them

Are your employees frustrated with their ID cards? Not to worry, the five most common complaints about employee ID cards are easily fixed.

1. My card clip often snags my fabric, and even makes holes in my clothes.

You can easily provide employee ID card options in design and how they can be worn.

Option 1: Rather than using clasps off employees a lanyard, you can buy lanyards with soft fabric, with the employee ID cards attached to the bottom. Also, purchase white or black lanyards: They might not be fashion forward, but they won’t be unsightly either. Print the card in portrait if using a lanyard so it hangs nicer.

Option 2: Use a badge reel that is retractable. The badge reel can attach easily to a pant loop or belt.

Option 3: if you want to continue to use the clip ID, rubberize the clip, so your employees’ clothing is protected.

2. My employee ID card is always getting wrecked so I have to replace it often.

Since weather conditions vary, one card stock will work great in one climate, but lead to cracking and fraying in another. To avoid the hassle, to your and to your employee, of continually replacing ID cards, make sure your card stock is up to the job. Or, laminate your cards; this will make them more durable and easier to handle.

3. “The photo on my ID is embarrassing.

If you take the photos in-house, it’s tough to get a professional-quality photo. However, you can improve the photo on your employee ID Cards considerably with a few simple changes.

Step 1: Set up a nice prep area, with mirrors and good lighting so employees can fix their hair, or touch up their makeup, before the picture is taken.

Step 2: In the photo area, use at least two lights and take the photos using daylight flash. The addition of flash will lessen the chance of institutional – and unflattering – pictures by giving more detail to the photo and make it look less artificial.

Step 3: Set up a monitor facing the employee so he or she can see the photo immediately. This way the photographer and the employee can do the reshoot right then and there.

4. My card contains so much information that it takes me forever to get through security. No one can read it quickly!

Employee ID cards, like most things, will benefit from quality design. Take time to think about how the card functions and highlight only the critical key pieces of information. Function should determine information. If the card is used at human security checks, put the pertinent information in large, bold letters and reduce the size of other information on the card, including things like your company logo. Do a test with redesigned card. Ask some employees to wear the card and see if their experience improves.

5. Why do I have to wear an employee ID card when I don’t like it? Other employees don’t wear theirs either.

This complaint is easy to fix. Enforce your employee ID Cards policy across the board. Make no exceptions, not even for the CEO.

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