Everything You Need To Print Successfully With a Datacard Printer

Datacard printers are capable of outstanding quality prints to handle all your security needs. Some models are multi-taskers, able to laminate, print in full color, and handle two sides of the same card. Others offer more basic functionality, but all units can be upgraded. 


Your Datacard printer will usually include:

·         A print ribbon cartridge

·         Replaceable cleaning sleeve

·         Manual advance knob

·         A printhead that transfers using a ribbon

·         A USB and network connection

·         A ribbon


The Datacard brand manufactures entry level and high volume models, letting you choose the ideal ribbon material for your application. Full CMYK ribbons are carefully calibrated to perform at their peak, and YMCKT options can print in both monochrome and color. Choosing genuine Datacard ribbons will assure you of sharp, error-free cards and engineering precise enough to keep your printhead in good condition for longer. Black printer ribbons are easier on your pocket, while overlaminates ensure a smudge-free, lasting result.


Lamination gives you a durable alternative to expensive synthetic printing. Holographic films provide extra protection from scratches and sunlight. Single and dual sided lamination is also possible. Durashield overlays and clear topcoats make useful replacements if you prefer a refined finish.

ID Card Systems

You needn’t buy every accessory separately. A more budget-friendly and convenient way to handle your purchase is through a specially prepared kit containing everything from your cleaning materials to your digital ID camera.


The drivers you need will vary depending on your operating system. Most users choose a generic driver, but it’s best to limit yourself to original Datacard software for optimal performance. Your Card Printer driver powers your device and lets you specify how you want to impress your cards. TrueCredential Suite programs by Datacard can manage a wide range of credentials from visitor IDs to government membership cards. Multi-station editions give large enterprises the functionality they need to serve more than one workstation. Preconfigured templates are easy to customize, but generic card management systems have been developed by independent software groups to handle more specialized templates and computers running Linux.

Cleaning Kit

To keep your card printer in good condition, Datacard has created some easy cleaning techniques that don’t require you to pull your entire printer apart. Adhesive cleaning cards, sleeves, and swabs cleanse contact points inside the machine. They come in roll form that must be saturated with the recommended solution and then passed through the machine.  The magnetic head, reading contacts, and card readers need to be regularly maintained so that your images remain clear and crisp. Routine maintenance won’t take you longer than a few minutes to complete.


Datacard printers usually use USB 2.0 cables, which may need replacing as time passes. USB cables are offered in a range of lengths, so adapting to your office layout is remarkably easy. Parallel printer cables and ScanShells might be needed, too. The latter must be compatible with your machine model.


Your Datacard Printer can be upgraded in several ways:

·         The Go Green upgrade makes your machine more economical and eco-friendly. A simple, free firmware update is all that’s needed. You can make your system even more environmentally friendly by choosing eco-friendly ribbons.

·         An upgrade kit for contactless SMART card encoding is available.

·         A card encoding engine provides the software you need to align and encode chips and magnetic stripes.

·         A simple spring pressure arm prepares your Datacard printer for spring loading.

As security needs evolve and technology improves, your card printing needs will change and grow. Datacard is a dynamic business, keeping you up to date with contemporary standards.  Contact us to learn more about Datacard printers today!

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