High Resolution Options for Fargo Printers

Fargo is a well-known and respected name in the high resolution printing industry because their printers are capable of a much better quality and look than the majority of more common printers. Each Fargo printer delivers high quality prints for things such as badges and cards. If you have a complex image that needs to be of a clear crisp quality (such as barcodes), a Fargo printer is guaranteed to give you the results you need. From government agencies to higher education to healthcare facilities, Fargo offers a model that will meet your high resolution printing needs.

Depending on your needs, there is a Fargo printer that can give you the final image you need.

With all of the basic features required for high quality prints, this Fargo model has everything you need to produce clear images for security or readability.

·         Minimal card management – With an input hopper that can handle two cards, this Fargo model makes it easy to manage badge creation in the shortest of time possible.

·         Increased speed – The HDP platform is part of the next generation, meaning you can print clear images in considerably less time.

·         Laminating – It may look compact, but this Fargo printer has both single and double-sided lamination capabilities.

·         Durability and quality – You do not have to sacrifice durability to get amazing quality. With this printer, you can get consistently beautiful images with one of several different protection options to ensure that the badge or card will have a long life span.

·         SmartScreen – The printer is also easy to use, including the LCD Control Panel that can prompt you in how to handle printing issues.

Fargo HDP5600

There are many benefits of this particular Fargo printer, starting with how reliable it is.

·         Resin printing with a high quality – This printer generates very clear and crisp images that are easy for scanners to read.

·         Cost effective – Both reasonably priced and reliable, this model gives you 600 dpi printing with each print.

·         Modular design that is versatile – If you need a little more functionality, you can add certain features while you are n the field, giving you the ability to print high quality pictures anywhere. The modular design makes it easy to transport

·         Encoding functionality – It is common to require certain types of encoding for cards and badges, which is what makes this particular Fargo printer so attractive to many businesses.

·         Security features – If you need better security from your printer, this model comes with additional features, such as a magnetic stripping.

·         Single or double sided printing – There are different versions of this model so that you do not have to compromise your images to fit the printer into your budget. If you need a simple single-sided print you can select from one of several choices so that you do not pay for a feature you do not need.

Fargo understands the different needs of the security industry and consistently meets those needs with their high resolution printers. Looking to learn more? Contact us today! 

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