How ID Cards Facilitate Seamless Co-Working Experiences

For decades, workplaces relied on different, older ways for employees to identify themselves and prove they’re authorized to access otherwise restricted areas. Today’s digital technology often revolves around screens, but our ID cards play a vital role in facilitating a seamless co-working experience.

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Easy Identification

If you’re a business owner or manager, you need to keep your business safe, and distributing an ID card that has the name of every employee and a high-resolution photograph is a necessity. Every employee will wear one, so identifying them is easy.

The pictures of every employee’s face on the cards make swapping cards or fraudulent use almost impossible. Anyone can see if the cardholder and the face on the card doesn’t match.

Authorization is Simple

Not every employee authorized to enter the building is supposed to have full access to every room in the office. Our proximity and access cards can be digitally programmed to control authorization on an individual level.

If a senior employee is meant to have full access, their ID card will work on every door in the building. Newer, less senior employees’ cards will only work where that individual employee is allowed to be.

Such an efficient approach to authorization streamlines security costs, saving them money. Plus, it is a tactful way of controlling who can go where, as it pre-emptively prevents those awkward scenarios from arising where security must manually stop someone from entering a room.

The latest encoding in Avon Security’s ID and proximity cards can match any security system. As an experienced ID card supplier, we’re happy to customize your proximity and ID cards to fit all your security needs.

Measuring Attendance

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workplace in many ways. Remote work has gone from a necessity to something many offices opt for, at least to some degree.

Having ID cards for employees can double as a way to measure attendance, as the cards’ technology can tell managers and business owners when an employee entered and exited their workplace. Such a seamless way to determine when people are and aren’t in the office gives the company security while facilitating the flexibility today’s employees need and expect.

Avon Security offers a range of card counterfeiting prevention measures, like holographics and watermarks. We’re also proud to offer many different types of security and ID solutions, like badges, proximity cards, fobs, and more.

Employees don’t want to spend their time at work proving who they are, convincing security they’re allowed to enter a specific space, or demonstrating their hours worked to the company HR. Employees love having a functional ID card because they do a lot more than identification. The company gets added security, efficiency, and cost savings while having their face on a piece of company branding makes every employee feel connected to their work. No wonder ID cards have been such a popular way to facilitate a positive, healthy co-working environment.