How To Add Even More Security Features To Your ID Cards

A PVC ID Card is a wonderful thing – durable, adaptable and customizable, capable of keeping your business safe and secure in a cost-effective way, and doubling as a mode of reinforcing your company brand. Those businesses that use ID card printers, like the ones we at Avon Security Products offer, benefit from a simple, streamlined way of managing restrictions and access in the workplace, as well as a way to track the attendance of their employees. In short, there’s a whole lot that can be done with a simple ID card. But in order to get the most out of your ID cards, we recommend considering these security features: 

Holographic Overlay

Holographic varnish ribbons create an embedded hologram pattern on your cards, which, because of their uniqueness and rare technology, makes them virtually impervious to counterfeiting. It’s also very difficult to tamper with a holographic ID card; whereas with regular ID cards, a person might reasonably be able to cut out a picture or information from a real employee card, this is nearly impossible when there’s a holographic overlay. You can even customize the holographic image, which means that, in the unlikely event that someone who tries to replicate your card has access to holographic technology, they still won’t be able to replicate the card, because only you have the unique master image.

Magnetic Stripes

This technology dates back to 1969, when an enterprising IBM engineer got the idea from his wife to iron a magnetic strip onto a card for added security – the rest was history. That this feature is still widely used today is a testament to its quality and workability. This article, from How Stuff Works, does a serviceable job explaining how magstripes work. Essentially, when you make a magnetic stripe, you’re orienting the direction of a lot of small magnetic particles, giving it a unique ID that, when passed through a reader, is identified and accepted. To learn more about how to get magnetic stripe cards, or for more information about PVC cards check out our website. 

Smart Chips

Smart Chips are like the magnetic stripe’s cool younger cousin. They use cryptographic algorithms to store, use and distribute digital certificates and information. If that sounds complicated, it’s because it is! What you need to know is that chip-imbedded cards are very secure, and if your cards have sensitive information that absolutely needs protecting, this is the option for your. They also visually indicate protection, as chips are synonymous with security, so it’s less likely that the card will be stolen or tampered with.

Radio Frequency Identification

Who would think that there at the end of your badge reels would be a legitimate circuit picking up radio waves and sending radio wave pulses of its own? But that’s exactly what radio frequency identification cards (RFIDs for short) do, allowing you to manage access, track people and goods, collect contactless payments, as well as many other things. This is a versatile feature that’s used in a number of industries, from supermarkets, hospitals and airports.

ID cards, all by themselves, are wonderful tools and allow businesses of all sorts to stay secure with ease. Adding any of these features bolsters the effectiveness, capabilities and security of ID cards. If you want more information on all the available ID card features, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your business deserves to be on the forefront of security, and by choosing any of these fine features, each unique and each effective in its own way, you absolutely will be.

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