How to take professional shots for photo IDs

The most important factor to consider when taking pictures for photo IDs is consistency. You want to have everything set up before you take the first picture and you want each picture you take to be the same. Having a uniform look is just one of the essential parts of your security procedure to ensure your IDs are not being duplicated. These tips will help you take pictures the right way – consistently. 

Pick a quality setting for your camera and stick with it

Most modern cameras have many quality settings and you’ll need to decide which one is right for your photo ID pictures. Remember that the higher the resolution is the better the picture will be. Just be sure to use the same setting on all photos.

If your company or organization does not already have a camera and is looking to buy one specifically for the purpose of taking photo ID pictures, then you may want to consider investing in a specialty camera. Usually called either credential cams or image cams, these cameras are pre-set and optimized for exactly the purpose you need them for.

Make sure your pixels are consistent

The picture you take should have a minimum of 300 dpi. What does that mean? Essentially it means around 400 pixels by 400 pixels. While this is the absolute minimum we recommend, note that the most common default resolution on most cameras is 640 pixels by 480 pixels. For most companies this is a good option. 

Find the right backdrops

You want your photo ID pictures to look professional. Choose backdrops with professionalism in mind. Buying a professional backdrop will ensure not just uniformity but a truly professional look. Simply hanging a curtain on the wall won’t do the trick, because curtains are light, can wrinkle easily, and can move with the wind. Backdrops are made from thick, durable material that will stay put and add to the professionalism of your photo shoot.

Don’t forget your tripod

In order for pictures to be as clear as possible you should always use a tripod for your camera. This ensures that it’s completely still. If possible, keep the camera on the tripod and don’t move it at all until you’ve taken all the pictures. This ensures that photo ID picture after photo ID picture will be taken with the exact same angles, height, etc.

Your final step: excellent photo ID software

Taking the pictures consistently is important, and focusing on professionalism is essential, but the final step is to use the right software. Once again, these programs can make sure every picture is consistent, they can add extra security measures, and they can work in tandem with your printing system.

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