Lines and Lanyards: Tips for Enhancing Theme Park Security

theme park swing ride at dusk

Is there a more classic, fun way for kids to spend a summer day than the theme park? Between the rides, games, the food, and the carnivalesque atmosphere, there are few things kids enjoy more.

However, a security breach can halt the fun in its tracks. Theme parks hold multiple different kinds of events, from games and rollercoasters for kids in the day to concerts and other adult events at night. Avon Security is proud to support organizations in many different sectors by providing them with streamlined security solutions.

Let’s check out how our products can help keep theme parks secure.

Securing Security

Theme parks are bustling places, with big crowds in different directions, potentially day and night. How can a theme park ensure that only authorized people can access certain spaces? Before they need to let in guests and visitors, they need to control how their own staff access authorized areas.

Proximity cards are perfect here because they’re secure and contactless. There’s no quicker way to usher people through a space than have them tap the card reader. Security and other personnel won’t get stuck in bottlenecks on their way to keep guests secure.

Avon Security offers all the best proximity and access cards on the market, and we can ensure your cards and card readers are totally compatible, so it operates seamlessly.

Between ID cards for your employees and proximity cards to let them into their workspaces, your employees won’t have bottlenecks on the way to letting in park visitors.

Safe and Relaxed for Guests

When guests visit a theme park, they’re there to have a fun time. Nobody wants to be frisked or searched heavily on the way in, but they do want to feel safe.

As a security product supplier that outfits companies across sectors, you can be confident that we have what you need to make all your entrances and exits safe and orderly. From lanyards, ID cards, fobs, and more, Avon Security provides every type of identification system, so park guests with a pass can enter quickly and safely.

Theme parks can decide what type of passes or admission system works best for them, and we can provide the equipment for whatever you need.

Crowd Management

Any time thousands of people assemble in one place, there needs to be some type of mechanism for control in place in case there’s an emergency. A sudden rush can be dangerous.

Most theme parks divide the crowds into smaller groups, as there are sections for rides, food, games, and more. Diverting guests into where they want to be will make their day more enjoyable and keep the crowds easier to control.

Theme parks know how to welcome guests inside and ensure they have a fun, unforgettable day, as they’ve been doing it for a long time. Avon Security is here to supply any equipment they need to help identify employees and guests with passes and keep everybody safe.