Armour Up: Exploring the Best Security Products for Tech Companies

man wearing a lanyard at work

Tech companies are some of today’s most exciting businesses for how quickly they grow and the dazzling products they give society. Our growing technology has become the 21st-century’s signature.

It’s commonplace today for people to video chat with somebody in another country or instantly get global headlines on their phones. Technology does amazing things, but it also helps protect high-tech businesses.

Let’s learn more about Avon Security’s proximity cards and how we keep tech companies protected.


Avon Security is proud to be the lead Canadian security product provider of proximity cards and other popular forms of controlling access. First, some quick background info. A proximity card is like a contactless hotel keycard roughly the size of a credit card.

While they’ve existed for decades, modern ones are far more secure and have considerably more sophisticated technology. The latest encoding technologies help to keep companies, organizations, and institutions across Canada safe.


Our proximity cards are compatible with any reader system, and they include a wide range of counterfeiting prevention measures from watermarks to holographics, as misalignment here or lacking the newest safety tricks are some of the most common security mistakes. Whatever kind of reader you have, we make proximity cards that will work with it perfectly.

We supply proximity cards from various companies, from RBH, Paradox, Kantech, Honeywell, Allegion, and more. Think of Avon Security as a bridge connecting your proximity cards and readers, whatever type they are.

Proximity cards are a slick, seamless, and secure way for tech companies to grant and restrict employee access. We’re proud to be the top proximity card suppliers for a range of Canadian institutions, and it’s fitting that tech companies entrust their security to such a high-tech tool.

Branding Opportunities

Employees bring proximity cards with them all day, wearing them around their neck on a lanyard or carrying them everywhere they go. In other words, the cards are often visible in public, so they represent a good opportunity to display corporate logos.

Avon Security offers customized company branding for proximity cards, so you’re not just getting a security tool but something that helps cement and promote your company culture.

ID Card Printers

Tech companies want the tools to be secure and independent. They usually have a rugged entrepreneurial spirit and expect full control to operate however they want.

Avon Security supplies all the best ID card printers so tech companies can take matters into their own hands and issue the cards in-house. ID card printers come in a range of styles, and some are heavier-duty than others.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about what type of ID card printer suits you best.

Tech companies are very keen to appreciate digital threats like hacking, phishing, and malware. However, they also need to safeguard themselves from non-digital threats, and high-tech ways of keeping safe, like proximity cards, are a perfect fit.