3 Reasons Why Identity Verification is Essential in the Workplace

employees around a table meeting

Workplaces that don’t have a firm grip on their security introduce various risks that threaten productivity. Distracted workers don’t get as much accomplished during the work day.

Security risks can directly undermine a company’s financial growth, corporate culture, and other direct financial metrics and intangibles. Let’s check out three reasons why identity verification using Avon Security Products is essential in every workplace.

1. Safety for Workers

Workplaces or office environments need to control who comes in and out of the premises to keep their employees safe. An intruder could be up to no good, while some sectors attract certain types of mischief or even espionage.

We are living in politically charged times, and activists or extremists drawn to certain causes could potentially enter a workspace to make a demonstration or cause some type of violence. Employers owe it to the people driving their business to ensure everybody in the workplace is authorized to be there.

2. Workplace Security

Some industries produce sensitive, confidential trade secrets business rivals underhandedly try to obtain to get a leg up on competitors. Such threats put the company’s financial success in the crosshairs rather than the people working there.

Even if a company isn’t secretly working on a new patent that will disrupt their industry, they all have private financial documents, contact information for clients and customers, and other data that could be weaponized against the business for blackmail.

For example, if a rival spy obtains sensitive, confidential data in a breach, they could threaten to make it public to embarrass the business, make them seem weak, and undermine their customers’ feelings of security. They could also share trade secrets with a rival business.

It’s essential to have ID cards for new hires and identifying materials for the whole team to keep out troublemakers and prevent corporate espionage.

3. Control Access

Companies also need firm control over which employees can go where, but this shouldn’t be heavy-handed. Businesses don’t want to reinforce the idea of a hierarchy to employees, yet some spaces or environments are sensitive, and not everyone is authorized to be there.

Avon Security ID card printers make it simple for employees to identify themselves, but they also have embedded technology that seamlessly, slickly opens every door they’re authorized to access while limiting them from the ones they’re not.

Everybody’s card will look the same to the naked eye, but more senior employee cards will give them total access. Nobody has to walk around with a key of rings, wondering which key works for which door.

Our keycards and fobs are more secure than traditional keys, providing a smoother form of access that gives managers and executives total control over who can go where.

Businesses expect to have total control of every aspect of their business to avoid needless risks and devastating consequences. Use Avon Security’s fobs and keycards to keep your employees and business safe.