The Importance of Conducting Regular Security Risk Assessments

Everything wears down over time, even if it’s built of the highest-grade materials. This is as true for electronics as it is for physical things that get daily wear and tear, like furniture.

Companies might take all the right steps to protect their business, but they need to check in every once in a while to ensure that the measures are still as effective as they were the day they were implemented. Otherwise, the systems could have vulnerabilities and may not be as secure as you think.

Businesses need real security, not the illusion or appearance of security. Let’s look at why conducting regular security assessments is so important and how Avon Security Products can keep you safe.

Outdated Cameras

Not every CCTV camera works well enough to be effective. Maybe the footage it captures is too grainy to reliably identify a suspect, or the camera conks out from time to time. You buy a camera to protect your business, not just to claim it’s there.

Check the footage it records to ensure the quality is sufficient and that the equipment works reliably. Otherwise, you could learn this vital information only when it’s too late.

Social Engineering Attacks

Training your employees about malware, phishing, baiting, scareware, and other attacks is essential. Employees are a common vector for security risks when bad actors trick them into overturning confidential, proprietary information about the company.

Part of a company’s effort towards regular security risk assessment must include briefing them about various cyber risks and how best to respond.

Bad Processes for Checking in Visitors

Unaccounted visitors pose a major security risk for companies. If there’s a type of incident or security breach at your company, it’s essential to know who was in your office and when. Otherwise, you can’t narrow down the suspects to determine who did it.

Avon Security makes professional ID card systems that prevent exactly this type of vulnerability. Our proximity cards and proximity card readers work with multiple systems, so they will be compatible with yours.

Proximity cards are a great tool to stop unaccounted visitors, but some regular assessment is a good idea. It’s possible for proximity cards to get demagnetized if they are near a strong magnet for an extended period. Knowing that everybody’s card works properly will help ensure your business runs smoothly and securely. It’s virtually impossible for this to happen to visitors because their proximity card will be new.

If an employee’s proximity card does get demagnetized, a rare occurrence, it just means you’ll have to order a new one, which is simple, quick, and inexpensive. This may be a little hiccup, but demagnetized strips pose no security risk because they temporarily remove access from authorized people, rather than opening it up to unauthorized people.

Company leaders need to be aware of any security risks for businesses, which means staying on top of their systems by regularly assessing existing protocols and equipment. Cybersecurity threats are real and growing, but they’re not the only dangers. Use Avon Security products and remember the above tips to secure your business.