Common Security Mistakes Businesses Make and How to Avoid Them

office with desks, one guy at a desk, face cut off by lamp

Businesses have locks on the doors and alarm systems for reasons everybody understands. Companies need to protect their assets and their facilities, and employees need to feel safe at work.

While cybersecurity is often in the spotlight, physical security can lead to major breaches. Let’s review a few of the common security mistakes that businesses make, so you can steer clear of them and keep your company safe.

Employee Theft

Sometimes, companies across sectors are susceptible to theft from their own employees. This may look very different depending on the industry, but the underlying dynamic is similar. Retail employees may take inventory or cash on hand, while corporate employees may take products or valuables from inside their offices.

Proximity cards are one of the most common security solutions because they help solve these problems on multiple levels. First, they prevent unauthorized employees from accessing the rooms in a workplace where sensitive proprietary information is stored.

They also do it quietly, without implying that employees are suspected of theft. All the company needs to do is give each employee a prox card, and they can enjoy free access to everywhere in the workplace they’re meant to be.

Stay fully secure without casting awkward aspersions on employees that could lower morale.

Corporate Espionage

Sometimes, sensitive information can be more valuable than an entire product line. Competitors want an inside edge and plans containing future business models, data on customers or employees, or whatever else can be lucrative if pilfered.

Restricting access to rooms storing top-secret information is essential for every business. By the time you spot the warning signs, you don’t want it to be too late. Corporate espionage can be devastating in the short and long term, as it leaves a business open to blackmail, sabotage, and other major risks.

Maybe a rival company can undercut a bid by learning what you’re offering. Perhaps they can leak your sensitive data, causing an avalanche of fines and negative publicity. Our proximity cards, key fobs, and identity cards can be a major tool in combatting corporate espionage.

Our line of security products for visitor management simplifies letting in authorized guests while acting as a major filter to keep the wrong people out.

Not Enough CCTV Cameras

If someone breaks into your workplace, they could get away with it unless they’re caught on camera. Burglars tend to thrive in the shadows, and bright spaces with CCTV cameras focused on them are a major deterrent.

Ideally, the cameras prevent the break-in from happening. At the very least, they play a pivotal role in identifying the perpetrator. But it only works if you have enough of them pointed in strategic places near key entrances.

You also need to ensure that the equipment is up to date so the cameras can actually record footage which is of high enough quality to properly identify people on the tape.

Securing a business from every threat means addressing different types of risks. The focus is often on threats like malware or phishing scams because cybersecurity is a major vulnerability. But it isn’t the only one. If you remember the above tips and use Avon Security Products, your business will stay safe and secure.