The Greatest Security Risks for Businesses

Modern businesses are becoming more equipped against different cybersecurity threats. Now, even small businesses can protect themselves from evolving threats like malware and cloud misconfigurations by simply issuing equipment with antivirus programs.

While cybersecurity issues can be easily fended off with software or an in-house computer technician, companies often overlook the great security risk for businesses today, the human element.

Humans do not run on programs. Sometimes, we make bad decisions or observations that no antivirus software can read. Companies should always consider the physical threats in their security management. Especially now that more employees are returning to the office after a pandemic.

So what are the great security risk for businesses? From tailgating to unauthorized downloads, keep reading to know more.

Security Threats for Your Business

Document Theft

Careless employees might accidentally leave essential documents lying around their desks or anywhere on the business premises. A visitor might accidentally come across confidential information about your company that no other people should know. This type of vulnerability leads to one of the most dangerous security incidents in a company, a data breach.


If you’ve seen too many action movies, you already know the concept of tailgating. Tailgating is when an unauthorized person sneaks behind an authorized person into restricted company areas. If you’re running an office with many employees and visitors coming in and out every day, tailgating is an easy task for malicious outsiders. This outsider can access your company by posing as a visitor and making it through the lobby, waiting for the opportunity to tailgate an employee.

Unauthorized Download

Sometimes, cybersecurity threats happen from within the company. For instance, some employees download unauthorized software or applications, mainly for personal use. IT departments address this by creating a list of company-approved programs and blocking unauthorized ones. Unfortunately, with the vastness of today’s digital world, not all programs can be accounted for on the entire internet. So an employee can find access to unauthorized programs likely linked to malware and other tools for cyber attacks.

Social Engineering Attacks

This type of security threat banks on human error completely, usually involving psychological tactics to create a false sense of urgency to trick unsuspecting individuals. Attackers can target your employees to turn over confidential company details like account information, opening doors for many data security risks.

Some of the social engineering attacks you may encounter include phishing, baiting, scareware, and other severe cyberattacks.

Unaccounted Visitors

One of the simplest yet most dangerous business security risks is unaccounted visitors. Unaccounted visitors may be worse than tailgating because none of your security risks for business management will work if you don’t know who’s in your office at all times. For instance, your security team will have difficulty narrowing people down if an incident happens on the business premises.

How to Keep Track of Your Visitors

Proximity cards for employees and guests are among the best tools against unaccounted visitors. All visitors and employees are accounted for and separated from employees if you have an ID system. And always complement that with a physical entry log to verify a visitor’s time in the office.


Pro Tip

To give your business more security layers, use ID cards with features like UV printing, watermarks, holographic laminate, or features that are hard to replicate by an outsider.



Keep Your Business Safe

Human error and ignorance are among the great security risk for businesses. Fortunately, most of these problems, like tailgating and unaccounted visitors, can be addressed by combining traditional and modern solutions, like an ID system.

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FAQs on The Greatest Security Risks for Businesses

What is a Clean Desk and Clear Screen Policy?

The Clean Desk policy requires employees to remove all sensitive documents and items from all office desks daily, from notebooks to flash drives to business cards. The Clear Screen policy shares the same principle. It requires all employees to lock their computers when leaving their desks for a long time.

What are anti-tailgating doors?

Anti-tailgating doors help prevent unauthorized people from gaining access inside secure areas. These doors work only when authorized personnel use a designated ID programmed to gain access. Anti-tailgating doors will close immediately once the ID holder passes through the doors.

Why should you include photos on employee ID cards?

Photos are essential in an ID card to help security verify the employee as a legitimate member of the company. Plus, it gives the employees a feeling of exclusivity of being a part of an established company.

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