Signs Its Time to Upgrade Your ID Card Printer

Owning a printer comes with responsibility. Just like other electronic equipment like computers and television sets, printers are supposed to be handled with care for them to function efficiently. A good ID card printer should function efficiently in terms of the quality of print and the speed. The printer should be able to produce good quality copies in the resolution of the images and texts and also the easy of operating them.

In order to know if the printer is functioning well, it is also important to understand the technology behind the printing process. Printers use a vast of different materials such as ink, powder toner, and electrostatic charges among other things. The ink jet printer technology for example is based on tiny nozzles that spurt fine ink of mist on paper.

Signs That Your ID Card Printer Needs An Upgrade

There are several indications that necessitate the upgrade of an ID card printer:

  • In cases where the ink jet printers become notoriously slow and reduce the quality of their printing, they need replacement. For example, if you want to print multipage copies for a client but you end up waiting for the ink jet printer to slowly produce the copies, then you need to upgrade your printer. The printing speed therefore determines if you have to upgrade your ID card printer or not. The printing speed is measured by the number of pages it prints per minute as well as the number of characters it prints within a minute.
  • Apart from the printing speed, you should monitor the monthly duty cycle of the ID card printer to measure how effective it is. The monthly duty cycle is the rating of pages per month that the printers produce. If the duty cycle of the printer began at 1000 pages per month, monitor it and see how many pages per month the printer s producing. A good functioning printer should have a duty cycle far much beyond your needs making it easy to operate. The printer will undergo wear and tear especially if the duty cycle is lower than your needs, and therefore you prematurely wore it off by over working it.
  • Furthermore, a good ID card printer should be compatible with the Operating System of every computer. There should be an efficient OS-to-printer communication, where it is easy to read data from any computer, mobile device of USB devices. If the printer has problems with the OS-printer communication, then it needs upgrading to enhance efficiency.
  • The resolution of the printing quality is also an issue that needs upgrading. Resolution refers to the dots-per-inch that the printer produces, which translates to quality. Consider the number of individual dots of ink sprayed within a square inch of a printed paper. If the resolution starts to decrease, that ID card printer needs replacement.
  • The power supply is another consideration. A printer which has a worn out power supply, one that is unstable, or under powered can lead to the malfunctioning of the ID card printer. It should have a good power supply of about 450 watts. If there is a problem with its power supply, sometimes just repairing the problem can only stabiles it but its voltage power will drop, reducing the efficiency of the printer. It will therefore call for the upgrading of the printer.

In case you have experienced any of the above signs which call for the upgrade of your printer, then you need to contact the best photo ID warehouse to get the expert help as well as acquire a better printer for your services. To learn more, contact us at Avon Security Products today!

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