Spotting and Solving Common Workplace Security Mistakes

Security is essential anywhere, but it may be important to take extra measures to protect a workplace. Since a work environment consists of multiple components such as money, assets, and confidential data, any workplace could be the target of a security attack.

There are numerous security risks that your organization may face. The potential risks could take place on the premises through a burglary or digitally through a cyber-attack. Both versions can be scary and have the ability to harm a firm and its employees.

By staying alert of all the security mistakes and implementing practices to prevent them, you can avoid these threats. Here are some measures you can take.

Not Enforcing ID Cards

If employees can access any part of a worksite without an ID card used to authenticate them, they may get used to that. Employees must understand the importance of user authentication methods in the workplace.

Invest in a plastic card printer service to provide each employee with an access card to enter the workplace. By making ID cards mandatory and denying entry without it, staff members will be motivated to wear them at all times.

Insufficient Security Measures

Not implementing suitable security measures can severely harm your company. It is crucial to have security guards present in the workplace at all times. However, you cannot just hire any company without research.

Before hiring any security:

·         Make sure to do a background check.

·         Ask for license proof.

·         Determine how well they are trained.

Security personnel is one of the most critical elements of a company, and they will need to be qualified to tackle any potential problems that may arise.

Neglecting Unauthorized Access

If your company’s ID card system is old-fashioned, it may not require a scan. During times like these, if the employee has to show the card at the door, outsiders who pose risks can create fake ID cards.

It is fundamental to get on board with new technology and use contactless cards that the machine can automatically read. New security measures such as proximity cards provide security in the entrance and inside the workspace. Due to the proximity card system, the reader will know if the person attempting to enter the workplace or a secluded area is authorized. This will prevent unauthorized access.

Undermining Cyber-Attacks

On-site security measures such as a prox card will certainly enable higher security levels in the workplace. However, if the threat comes from cyber-attacks, different security measures would need to be applied.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more common now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a study, there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds. It is necessary to use updated anti-virus technology, a multi-step authentication process, and constantly train employees to deal with cyber-attacks quickly.

Sharing Passwords

Even if you trust someone in your company with all your heart and soul, it may still be necessary to protect your password from them. This is not because they will necessarily gain access to all of your information and somehow manipulate it.

Although data breach is a significant concern, if you share your password with someone, they may be logged into your account on their device. If a security breach does occur, it will affect both your personal information and theirs, potentially resulting in losses for the company.

To avoid making these security mistakes, educate yourself and your employees. It is essential to know when to identify risk and effectively prevent it. Incorporate extra security measures and make technology your best friend. Avon Security has a range of products that can help your company stay safe!

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