The Benefits of Making Company ID Cards In-House

Whether your company has a staff of 3 or 3000, security should always be the number one priority in the workplace. A comprehensive security plan reduces liability, insurance, compensation, and other social security expenses paid by any company stakeholders. You and your employees will feel safer with an active, practical security plan that’s measurable and efficient.


Many organizations are already using employee ID cards as a useful tool to monitor security. ID cards make it possible to simultaneously simplify employee and visitor identification and strengthen a company’s security and integrity. Even during the off-hours, an identification system is a powerful way to ensure that your building remains protected.


When it comes to concentrating on a specific location that experiences a large amount of employee traffic, security ID cards bring better protection than any other kind of security system.


Companies such as Avon Security Products supply ID card printers to businesses, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with outside vendors. We’re the largest distributor of ID printers in the country, and our products are always in stock.


We believe that businesses should have control of how they implement a workplace security plan, including printing ID cards in-house — and here’s why.


It’s Convenient


Wouldn’t it be nice to have one team of employees and never have to think about rehiring or making changes to people’s titles? However, employees do come and go, and titles do change. And when staff changes occur, so too does the need for updated security identification.


Avon Security’s ID card systems give you the flexibility to make digital changes to existing cards and to welcome new employees with a personal one faster than if you had to order it externally.


It Gives You Control


Owning your own ID card printing equipment can give you peace of mind. You’re in complete control of all aspects of the card creation and distribution process from beginning to end. You won’t have to worry about third parties touching your data, printing equipment, and card stock.


The ease of owning security products for your business and producing ID cards in-house allows you to control day-to-day access throughout your facility in a variety of different ways. You can issue different styles of cards to clearly mark visitors or contractors. You can restrict certain areas of the facility to employees only, which will make it easy to tell if someone is wandering in an area that they shouldn’t be.


A printer equipped with an encoding system can program cards immediately. These printers make it physically impossible to enter sensitive areas without swiping a card with the appropriate level of clearance. You can adapt to any security challenge that might arise when you’re able to program or reprogram these cards daily.


It Will Save You Money


The true savings come from increased security and reduced legal liability. You’ll feel so much relief knowing that you’re deterring thieves from pretending to be employees — a fact that isn’t easy to put a specific dollar on.


Incorporating the task of running the card printer into an existing employee’s duties will save you money because you won’t have to pay someone outside of the company to print them for you. Everything remains in-house.


An in-house ID security card printer will save you money as well as anxiety. Contact Avon Security Products to find out how you can optimize your security plan today.

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