The Best Temporary Photo ID Badges for Summer Interns

If you’re interning for the summer, it’s important to invest in photo ID badges. This much is common knowledge- what may not be is why it’s important, as well as what kind of badge to have and what information needs to be present on that badge.

Why Interns Need Photo ID Badges


The base answer is simple enough, for security. You’re playing a new, temporary role in the business you’re going to be interning at. Even if you’re wearing a matching uniform with other employees, people will still notice you since you aren’t one of their recognized coworkers. When this happens, you need to be able to identify yourself, and photo ID badges with your name and important information on them is what let people know you’re an intern.

What Information You Need On Them

Obviously you need an up-to-date picture of your face, but you’ll also need information that distinguishes you from normal employees, so you’re easily identified as an intern.

This information includes:

·         Your name. Include both your actual given name, and any shortened form of your name or common nickname. Some of your colleagues may not recognize you as Christopher, but will recognize you as Chris.

·         Manager name. People need a trusted figure in the company to ask about you and, if necessary, be held responsible for you. 

·         Department. What department of the company are you supposed to be operating in? All photo ID badges should have information readily available.

·         Last day of employment. How long will you be interning? Find out the exact date that you’ll be leaving and have it placed on your photo ID badge.

What Kind You Need

o:p> There are two main types of photo ID badges: self-expiring daily badges, or cards with expiration dates. While the former can have their uses, in the long term they’re a hassle to deal with and make your image inconsistent. Having a steady badge for most, if not all, of your internship not only makes a good impression on the people who see you regularly, but it’s also much easier to manage in the long run. That being said, you may be left with one last, burning question.

What Now?

Well, to learn more about ID cards and office technology, feel free to peruse our blog for more information. Employers should usually help provide identification- if you need our help, though, you’re more than welcome to contact us for assistance or browse our selection of products.

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