The Do’s And Don’ts Of Work ID Badges

So, you’re going to start wearing an ID badge – either you just landed a new job that requires them, or your existing job made the choice (the correct choice, obviously!) to begin implementing them. Either way, you’re going to be tied to this little card, and the photo it contains, for some time so you might as well make the most of it, which is why here at Avon Security Products we’ve put together a few of the Do’s and Don’ts of your work ID badge. 

Do: Ask For A Proper Photo Set Up

The number one complaint levied at the ID badge is, “my photo doesn’t look very good”, and that’s totally fair – it’s tough enough seeing a bad photo of yourself posted on Facebook, let alone having to wear that photo in public. If possible, as that the room is properly lit, preferably by three-point lighting, if no natural light is available. If there’s an unused room at work that gets a good amount of sunlight, that’s always a great option, and even better if you can do it during the “golden hour”, right after sunrise or right before sunset, as that’s when the quality of light is best.

Don’t: Try And Look Like Someone You’re Not

ID cards are, first and foremost about identification. After all, it’s right there in the name. To that end, it wouldn’t do you any favours to try something completely new with your hair or makeup on the day of the photo, nor would you want to make a face you normally wouldn’t make. Essentially, you want to avoid conversations down the line where someone squints at your photo and goes, “I don’t know if that’s you”.

Do: Keep Your Card On You At All Times

ID cards are for your security, and the security of those around you, so making sure that your card is on you at all times is important. If you want to have a little fun with this measure, try ordering a custom ID badge reel or lanyard, which can either add character or advertise your business. 

Don’t: Keep It Loose In Your Pocket

As mentioned, if you are keeping your card on you at all times, make certain that it’s affixed to you somehow, either by a lanyard, badge reel or a magnetic badge holder. The last thing you want is to lose your card, and allowing it to travel loose in your pocket or purse is just courting that scenario.

Do: Be Proud Of Your ID Badge

Go ahead and be proud that you’re part of a professional team, that your employer cares about your safety, and that you now have a wonderful, well-lit photo of yourself on your person at all hours of the workday. ID badges should generate a sense of belonging and security…

Don’t: Be So Proud That You Post It On Social Media

However, there is a trend on social media called “badge bragging”, where people – often those who’ve just landed a new job – take to social media to post a picture of their ID badge. It’s often done to express pride in their new job, but unfortunately it offers up information on that card that could be useful to criminals, and since you can’t be sure exactly who is viewing your social media accounts, it’s best not to post your ID badge online.

If your business is looking to add security and style to its procedures, contact us to learn more about the many ID card systems and printers we offer. ID badges are so much more than the cards they’re printed on – they’re a safety measure, a photo opportunity and a sense of belonging.

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