Welcome New Employees with a Proximity ID Card

It can be difficult to get comfortable in a new office during the initial orientation period. No matter how talented or highly trained your new employee is, they won’t be able to produce their best output until they get over the initial new workplace jitters. As a manager, you can help to get your new employees working at their top capacity faster by doing little things to help them feel at home. One of the best ways to do this is with a personalized security ID card that contains your company’s logo.


Promoting Company Culture


When you give a newly hired employee their very own personalized security ID card, it lets them know that they are a valued part of the team. The first thing that every employee you have does each day is to use their authorization to gain access to the workplace and the last thing they do is to use that card again when it’s time to go home. And when you use a proximity card reader at your workplace, your employees have the opportunity to show off their credentials every time they access the office.



The primary purpose of these actions is to heighten your security capabilities by preventing anyone without authorization from entering your place of business, but it also carries the secondary benefit of increasing a sense of company pride among your staff. Everyone with a company logo prominently displayed on their card and lanyard knows that they are a part of an important and successful team.

New Technology is a Novelty


Merely by giving your employees a novel technology to use each day, it can help to increase their willingness to use that technology correctly and increase their respect for your company as well. By simply investing in proximity cards and printers for your business, you grant your employees faster access to their desks, which heightens their sense of importance and encourages better work.

When an employee enters your company that has not previously had the opportunity to use a proximity ID card reader, they take more pride in their new place of work. It can also help them to forget about their initial jitters and feel at home.


How Proximity Cards Work


At Avon Security Products, the very best technology in the industry is available in order to ensure you get the best security ID card capabilities possible. One of the top brands that we use are HID prox cards that provide contactless card reading from digitally encrypted cards.


Speed and Productivity


When employees are able to use their ID cards faster, it prevents any time in the workday from getting lost due to waiting time. That means that investing in a proximity card reader today could end up saving you hours of work for each of your employees each year. Employee work time is easily wasted in so many ways, you want to do everything that you can do to prevent more from being lost.


When you’re welcoming new employees to your company, it helps to introduce them to the systems they’ll be using every day as a part of your team. Get in touch Avon Security Products to learn more about how you can upgrade your current security system to incorporate proximity card readers.

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