What to Look for When Choosing a Card Slot Punch

A slot punch is a very simple contraption, yet choosing the right one can give you best possible results. Since card slot punches are used to punch holes in plastic cards, this makes them a great tool for creating ID badges. Currently, the market features multiple slot punch varieties. Before purchasing one, you’ll need to examine a few of characteristics that best suit your needs:

Handheld or Automatic

Generally, there are two types of card slot punches to choose from, handheld and automatic. Operated manually, a handheld slot punch tends to be less expensive and is suitable for processing a smaller number of ID cards. The user simply squeezes the arms of the punch together to create a hole in the card.

Automatic punches on the other hand are better suited to larger companies, where a greater number of cards need to be processed. These slot punches end up saving time and provide the convenience necessary, however they do cost more than manual options.

Edge Guide Availability

The next factor to examine is the availability of edge guides. The edge guide is used to make accurate measurements, and can be adjusted for both horizontal and vertical ID cards. The guide is used to make sure the card is always centered ideally. Having a manual slot punch that features edge guides assures all company ID cards are centred and professional in appearance. Keep in mind, most options on the market do feature edge guides, but there are some exceptions.

          Consider Alternatives

Apart from handheld and the automatic slot punches, there’s also a few additional specialized options that might appeal to the needs of certain businesses. A tabletop punch is one such example. Usually, this contraption comes with a metal body and is great for average volume card processing.

If you’re interested in this option, you’ll need to check the technical specs prior to buying. Most tabletop slot punches can work through cards up to 60 millimetres thick, but there could be some variances, depending on the brand.

The final variety is the heavy duty electric punch. This is a most effective option to choose for corporations that have extreme card volume. Typically, this punch comes with a foot switch for effortless operation, while processing many ID cards in a short period of time.

           What is it Made of?

Regardless of the punch variety you’re opting for, make sure it’s designed to last. The materials a slot punch is crafted from will have a big affect on durability and quality. The best slot punches out there are rugged and crafted from metals like stainless steel. These kinds of slot punches can last for decades without sustaining any damage.

Look out for plastic or flimsy components as these kind of slot punches might contribute to a lower price, but you’ll end up with low quality results, especially if you’re processing a larger number of thicker cards on a regular basis.

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