Your ID Proximity Card Guide: How Does an HID Proximity Card Work?

If you need a security system that gives personnel quick, seamless entry while keeping the public out of restricted areas, it’s time to learn about HID proximity cards.

An HID proximity card uses RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) to provide wireless identification, just like a key fob. It’s an ID card that works with a card reader to open doors without having to fuss around with keys or go through a security check.

How Does an HID Card Work?

Inside an HID card, you’ll find a copper wire ring that functions as an antenna, allowing the card to communicate with readers from a reasonable distance. The reader software identifies whether or not the card is valid and matches it to codes for that entry point.

Organizations can print and program cards, even implementing multiple levels of access. For example, you can program HID cards to grant access to your office space but restrict access to sensitive zones only to select individuals. For example, you may want to restrict access to a server room.

Administrators can even view activity reports. If there is a breach or theft, the administrator can see which card was used to access the area at a certain time. Activity monitoring is a great tool in environments that are too busy to catch everything on CCTV systems.

When Should You Create an ID Entry Card System?

There are some workplaces and environments that are too busy to effectively monitor by CCTV or where security check-ins would be too costly and take too much time. Environments that are open to the public with restricted, staff-only areas, or workplaces where only employees with a certain security clearance are allowed access to certain areas are difficult to control.

By introducing security with proximity cards, you get automated control over who comes into an environment and where they have permission to go. It’s a secure, simple solution for environments such as:

·         Hospitals and medical facilities

·         Universities and colleges

·         Casinos

·         Gyms, health clubs, and golf clubs

·         Ski resorts and spas

Anywhere there’s a risk of the public accessing sensitive or restricted areas, HID proximity cards bring peace of mind. You don’t need to outsource the cards either. You can bring a professional card printer in-house to expedite onboarding staff and make sure staff always have the card they need.

Advanced Control and Monitoring

From the user’s perspective, an HID proximity card is really simple. All they have to do is wave their card in front of the reader, and the door unlocks. It’s quick, seamless, and they won’t give it a second thought.

However, you can manage the access privileges of every card you create. If someone loses a card, you can revoke its access to cut down on the risks of theft or trespassing.

HID proximity cards simplify security in a wide range of industries. Find out how your organization can implement an ID card system that allows you to print and program cards on demand.

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