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Avon Security is a leading security products provider specializing in custom name badge holders.

Since 2005, we’ve helped businesses across Canada enhance their security measures by providing more convenient and efficient ways to carry official IDs and badges.

A retractable ID badge holder is designed to display and protect ID cards. We offer a selection of name badge holders and badge clips available in various materials and colours. ID card holders allow you to securely attach your ID card to your clothing or to a lanyard, ensuring it’s never lost or misplaced.

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Avon Security offers one of the largest inventories of customized magnetic, vinyl, and plastic name badge holders designed to securely store and display any official pieces of badge identification. You can browse our website to compare products and prices, ensuring you find the best deal possible.

If you need help choosing an ID badge holder, our experts will provide free product recommendations so you can find the items and accessories best suited for your business or organization.

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At Avon Security, we believe security solutions begin with quality-made products. We’ve helped over 25 thousand customers across Canada, ranging from healthcare providers to local and national governing bodies.

As security specialists, we understand the importance of secure products that make our clients’ lives easier and safer – and that starts with our selection of name badge holders and lanyards. Our security experts will guide you through our selection of badge holders and accessories to ensure you have the details you need to choose the products that are right for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Badge Holders

A badge holder is a specific type of ID card holder that is designed to hold various forms of identification. Badge holders are commonly available in vinyl and plastic and can carry anything from government IDs to commercial office credentials.

A retractable ID badge holder performs the same functions as a non-retractable badge holder, with the bonus of an extendable cord providing easy scanning against an identification reader.

Standard and retractable ID badge holders are designed for added security, protection, and convenience – but that doesn’t mean they’re all made equally.

At Avon Security, we offer only the highest-quality security products and accessories, including our growing selection of name badge clips and holders. Our selection is designed to suit a wide range of businesses and organizations, ranging from non-profits to healthcare providers.

Our line of magnetic badge holders is designed to securely hold your identification without the need for clips or pins to keep your clothes in pristine condition. We offer a diverse collection of vinyl and plastic holders, which are ideal for displaying your identification and protecting it from UV rays, spills, dust and more.

If you’re unsure which ID badge holders are right for your business, our experts are here to help. We’ll guide you through our selection of products and accessories and help you find the products best suited to your needs.

An ID badge holder is a convenient and secure way to display your identification in a professional setting. By attaching your badge holder with a clip, you can securely present your ID using any pocket or lapel on your clothing.

Clips are designed with a clear strap that can fit inside the slot of your badge holder. Once the strap has been fastened, you can securely clip the entire holder onto your person. If you have a retractable badge holder, you can simply extend the nylon cord outwards and scan on any available ID card reader, for easier and more convenient identification access.

A name badge holder is designed to protect and display any piece of identification in a professional setting. These products are often used in commercial or corporate businesses, educational institutions, government bodies, and healthcare centres.

Whether you’re using a magnetic, vinyl, or plastic ID badge holder, each will have a slot where you’ll insert your ID to display. Once the ID has been inserted, you’re able to attach it securely to your clothing.

If you’re using a magnetic ID badge holder, use the adhesive back foam pad to stick to the back of your holder, peel any tape covering, and attach it to your person without damaging your clothing.

Vinyl or plastic badge holders are attached using badge clips, which are secured using a clear strip that fits inside the slot of the holder. In most cases, these products are attached using a badge retractor, which allows guests and employees to extend the nylon cord from wherever their badge is attached and show security personnel or scan against an ID card reader.

While both are important for keeping your identification on your persons, there are key differences between a badge holder and a lanyard.

A badge holder holds your ID close to your body, often clipped on a shirt or jacket pocket or attached to your belt. If you have a retractable ID badge holder, you can extend your ID out using the nylon cord to show your credentials or scan your access card.

A lanyard is a piece of material that hangs around your neck and attaches to your vinyl or plastic badge holder. Breakaway lanyards and non-breakaway lanyards can display your credentials on your chest and can be great marketing tools if they’re customized with a brand or company logo.

At Avon Security, we offer a selection of standard and retractable badge holders made from various materials, including:


Vinyl name badge holders are made of durable, clear PVC — which stands for polyvinyl chloride. PVC is known for its strength and flexibility, which is ideal for storing and protecting important pieces of identification.


We offer a wide selection of rigid card holders, made of various materials including polycarbonate and resin. Polycarbonate is a transparent plastic material that offers unparalleled impact resistance. Resin, on the other hand, is a composite blend moulded into strong, pliable products that can mimic the look of metal materials at a lower cost — often used to reinforce plastic ID badge holders.


Using a plastic plate and three round, steel magnets, our magnetic badge holders are designed to securely attach to any piece of fabric or clothing without piercing or damaging it.

Using a magnetic or retractable ID badge holder can provide several benefits to businesses and organizations across Canada, including:

Increased Security

An ID badge is used to display an employee’s credentials, including their name, job title, and often a photograph. When employees use a visible ID badge holder, security personnel can identify who is attempting to access the building and identify any unauthorized visits.


Your employee ID is necessary to ensure only authorized personnel are given access to a specific office or building and should be always protected. A clear ID badge holder is designed using durable vinyl or plastic materials, ensuring its safety from dust, spills, and even harmful UV rays.

Cost Efficiency

While some companies use name tags, ID badge holders are known to be a more cost-efficient solution for employees. By using the printable inserts included with each holder, companies can simply print their employees’ names and titles, ensuring costs are kept at a minimum when dealing with employee turnover.

Employee Relationships

Using a clear ID badge holder, co-workers and management can easily get to know each other and their departments, which forms interpersonal relationships and can help increase employee morale

An ID badge holder is an effective security tool that can be utilized across a wide range of industries, including:

Healthcare Centres

Hospitals, rehabilitation centres, clinics, and other medical establishments like pharmaceutical businesses can benefit from using ID badge holders for their doctors, nurses, and employees. Visible name badges help patients, and their families feel safe and comfortable interacting with healthcare staff, knowing their full names and specialties.

With a clear ID badge holder and identification in place, ID card readers or security personnel can sign off on entry.

Corporate Offices

In a corporate setting, privacy and confidentiality are essential. Corporate buildings are often protected by security personnel to ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to the building and any subsequent offices. A visible badge holder allows security to clearly see who is entering and exiting the premises and turn unauthorized visitors away.

To ensure only authorized personnel are granted access to conference rooms, offices, and file rooms, a clear badge card holder is an important accessory, allowing employees to show their identification without having to take out wallets or rummage through purses.

Educational Institutions

Wearing a name badge is ideal for any educational institution, including post-secondary campuses. With an identification badge, campus staff, guest lecturers, and any necessary authority figures can safely display their credentials to students and visitors, while ensuring only authorized individuals are permitted inside specific offices and faculty lounges.


Whether it’s a municipal, provincial, or federal building, government agencies have a duty to protect the privacy of their employees and welcome guests. An ID badge holder is a convenient and efficient way to display credentials to security personnel or scan against an ID card reader, for enhanced security and privacy.

At Avon Security, we offer a selection of premium ID badge holders for businesses and organizations across Canada. Our security experts will help you select the right products and accessories for your guests and employees.

Avon Security offers a selection of quality-made ID badge holders designed to help businesses in Canada streamline their security efforts. These products are designed with maximum convenience and protection in mind.


Our selection of vinyl badge holders is designed with durability in mind, giving you the flexibility and protection that you need to safely store your ID credentials.


Plastic holders offer superior resistance, protecting your identification card or badge from dust, spills, and harmful UV rays.


With a magnetic badge holder, you can safely attach your ID to your clothing without pins or clips, protecting your clothing without compromising the integrity of the holder itself.


We offer a selection of affordable ID wallets, featuring transparent nylon front covers and adjustable neck straps, for maximum comfort and convenience.

A badge holder can be used by any person that needs to display their identification in various professional settings.

While both offer convenience and added security, there are important differences to note between a non-retractable and a retractable badge holder.

A non-retractable badge holder does not extend past where it clips onto your clothing. It remains stationary and must be removed if you need to hold out your ID for security personnel.

A retractable ID badge holder, on the other hand, can be extended using a nylon cord without needing to move the clip itself. This offers an easy and accessible way to display your ID.

Cleaning your magnetic or retractable badge holder is essential to maintaining longevity and protecting your ID credentials.

Before cleaning, ensure your ID has been removed to prevent any damage. Using a paper or lint-free towel, gently clean with any household cleaner, disinfecting spray, or diluted soap with water. If you’re using soap and water, soak and rub the holder for 20 seconds before rinsing. Dry with a clean towel and allow it to air dry. Refrain from using bleach, as this may remove any printed text.

If you’re looking for a quality-made retractable ID badge holder, look no further than Avon Security Products.

For over 15 years, we’ve helped thousands of Canadians find the right security products and accessories to enhance and streamline their security operations. We work with commercial and corporate businesses, government institutions, and educational bodies to find premium security solutions.

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