Datacard SD460 Dual Sided ID Card Printer (DISCONTINUED)

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Datacard SD360 Dual Sided ID Card System.

Datacard SD460 Dual-Sided ID Card Printer with Laminator Unit

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Innovate your ID card printing application with the Datacard SD460 Dual-Sided ID Card Printer with single-sided lamination. Offering faster system output, the SD460 is the ideal fully-integrated solution for organizations that require a card printer with mid- to high-volume capabilities. In addition, dual-sided printing allows for more space on your ID card for your company logo, additional cardholder data, or security features. The exceptional print quality of the SD460 is enhanced with single-sided lamination for increasing the longevity and performance of ID cards.

Product Features

  • Impressive Image Quality

The Datacard SD460 printer delivers exceptional 300dpi full-color or monochrome cards quickly and efficiently. This printer provides direct-to-card printing, edge-to-edge card coverage for professional-looking credentials every time. The printer driver uses Windows-based technology and provides adjustable color controls with image preview, ensuring high-fidelity printing, regardless of how demanding your card production needs may be.

  • Added Protection & Durability

With the SD460 printer’s single-sided lamination module, a thin clear or holographic layer is applied to one side of the card during the printing process. It provides increased protection for your cards from forgery, tampering, and physical wear by making it more difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate. Laminates also strengthen your card, helping reduce swipe abrasion, dye migration, and fading from UV light.

  • Intuitive User Interface

The Datacard SD460 dual-sided printer has an interface that is easy to set up and operate. It offers a front panel LCD display with a backlight setting and soft-touch buttons for simplified menu selections and printer status. Ribbons and supplies for the SD460 can be replaced in seconds, and the input hopper has an empty detection alert to notify you when the card stock requires replacement.

  • Automatic Card Flattening

The Datacard SD460 ID printer is built with a unique de-bowing feature that flattens cards automatically after they are laminated. This helps generate a higher level of productivity and reduce waste.

  • Flexible, Dependible Connectivity

The Datacard SD460 printer comes standard with both Ethernet and USB connectivity, so your card printing does not have to be confined to a single badge station. Standard Ethernet provides flexibility for remote printer sharing by many users on a network.

  • Eco-Friendly Supplies

The SD460 laminating printer supplies are set apart with features like biodegradable supply cores and recyclable materials. In addition, Datacard supplies offer a proprietary technology that will alert you when the ribbon is low or when the printer is due for its next cleaning.

  • Optional Magnetic Stripe & Smart-Card Encoding

The Datacard SD460 printer can be equipped with magnetic stripe and smart-card encoding options. Encoding is a versatile solution that enables you to combine your ID solution with other applications like access control, time and attendance tracking, and more.

  • Optional Tactile Impression Feature

With its tactile impression feature, the DatacardSD460 printer provides security that is easy to authenticate. A custom or generic die is located in the front of the lamination module, and the die impresses the card surface after card lamination is complete, adding an extra physical layer of security. Please call us at 1(866)-458-6999 or chat live with our photo ID experts to discuss the tactile impression options best suited to your needs.

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