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Fast and reliable, the Evolis Primacy dual-sided ID card printer can print up to 140 full-color dual-sided cards per hour. The modular design allows you to add encoding options any time!

Product Features

  • Fast and Reliable

The Evolis Primacy plastic card printer produces cards in record time, boasting 140 dual-sided, full-color cards per hour. To support this card capacity, the Evolis Primacy printer has 100-card input and output hoppers, which are conveniently located at the front of the printer for easy access and monitoring. Plus, a 30-card reject tray is located at the back of the printer.

  • Compact, Modular Design

While powerful and fast, the Evolis Primacy is also compact. The small footprint of the Evolis Primacy allows it to accommodate any desktop. In addition, the printer is quiet and energy efficient, which is backed by ENERGY STAR® certification.

The modular design of the Evolis Primacy allows the printer to grow with your changing needs. The dual-sided Evolis Primacy can be fitted with encoding options at any time!

  • Intuitive User Interface

The intuitive driver interface makes the Evolis Primacy as easy to install and user-friendly as your desktop printer. The cassette-style ribbons are easy to load and the printer automatically detects when a new ribbon has been added. The LED display and on-screen prompts and notifications guide you swiftly through your print jobs.

  • Cost Effective Supplies

The Evolis Primacy is equipped with ribbon saver technology for monochrome (single-color resin) printing. With this system, you only use the ribbon length that corresponds to the length of the image to be printed. This feature allows you to double, or even tripe, the capacity of your monochrome ribbons – reducing the cost of each card. A half-panel color ribbon is also available for economical full-color printing, and when used properly, may be up to 42% less expensive than the standard color ribbon. It is the perfect solution to printing a color photograph or logo, and black text on a pre-printed card.

  • Built-In USB and Ethernet and Optional Wireless Connectivity

Operate your card printing program on one or multiple computers through a standard network with the built-in USB and Ethernet connectivity. You can also optionally connect wirelessly.

  • Optional Encoding

The Evolis PM1H0000D is flexible in the way that it provides options for creating feature-rich cards with the use of magnetic stripe and smart card technologies, all of which can be added any time.

Additional information

Weight9.07185 kg

3 reviews for Evolis Primacy Duplex ID Card Printer

  1. an Avon Security Products customer

    great item, shipped fast, as advertised. Great printing quality, fast and efficient. Duplex printing works spectacularly.

  2. an Avon Security Products customer

    Good color, Good print speed. Easy to set up and use.. Reliable. We are very happy with this product for our small business needs.

  3. an Avon Security Products customer

    I printed a few color business cards from an existing document. In my opinion, the output was simply outstanding and much more vibrant that the cards I received by sending the document to another commercial printing outlet. I like to compact size as well. This printer replaces another from a different company. Glad I made the jump!

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