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Evolis Securion ID Card Printer Dual-Sided with Lamination – Configurable.

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Today there is an ever-growing concern to protect your physical and logical assets. It’s time to take a look at the Evolis Securion dual-sided printer with lamination. It’s your fool-proof solution for anti-fraudulent, long-lasting, high graphical quality ID cards.

Product Features

  • Multi-Faceted Security

The Evolis Securion dual-sided printer with lamination boasts features that provide ‘bullet-proof’ security to both your cards and your card personalization system. Heightened card security is realized through the lamination capability of the Securion plastic card printer – protect your plastic cards from data misuse by applying a clear or holographic layer or lamination. Holographic lamination in particular deters counterfeiters because it is extremely difficult to replicate. An added bonus of lamination is that it provides an extra layer of ‘skin’ to your cards – providing more durability and therefore a longer life.

The Securion plastic card printer protects itself and its materials with several built-in security features. Its centralized key lock deters unauthorized access to ribbon, film, and cards (in addition to rejected cards). The Evolis Securion printer supports a Kensington lock system that will tether your card printer to its workstation. It also features logic-based security with password-protection, the Evolis Securion printer can only be used when the correct password has been provided.

  • Flawless Printing

The Evolis Securion produces high graphical quality, edge-to-edge cards – quickly. Depending upon settings, it is capable of printing up to 120 full-color, single-sided cards per hour with lamination! In addition, the Evolis Securion houses a card flip-over station that allows you to print and laminate on both sides of your cards.

  • Dependable Design with Warranty

The Evolis Securion is constructed with a strong metal frame, made for a long life span. It is also equipped with a standard two year (or 100,000 passes) warranty on the lamination unit, printhead, lamination hot roller and printer itself.

  • RoHS Compliant

The Evolis Securion is your environmentally-friendly choice, as it meets the advanced Japanese and European non-lead Restrictions of the Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) product requirements.

  • Optional Encoding

Create feature-rich cards with your Evolis Securion by adding one or a combination of encoding options, including magnetic stripe, smart card and contactless card technologies.

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4 reviews for Evolis Securion ID Printer

  1. an Avon Security Products customer

    This printer arrived today, it took less than 10 minutes to setup and start printing! The color was vivid and the lines were really clear.

  2. an Avon Security Products customer

    One of the best “out of the box ” printers that I have ever purchased and I have been involved with a lot of printer purchases.

  3. an Avon Security Products customer

    I love this printer. Excellent quality cards and easy to operate. Set up was very easy as well.

  4. an Avon Security Products customer

    The printer works great. Color is superb and it’s easy to set up.

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