Evolis Stand Alone Laminator

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Standalone Evolis Lamination Unit

The Evolis Lamination Unit is an essential feature for making long-lasting ID cards. Lamination works by applying a protective film (either clear or with a holographic design) over the top of your printed card.

This gives you several benefits – UV-blocking thick lamination will protect your card from fading in the sunlight, and the laminate will protect your card from day-to-day use that may scratch it including swiping magnetic stripe cards. Lamination also makes it harder to tamper with cards.

Unlike a traditional lamination upgrade for an ID card printer that can add thousands of dollars to the cost of the printer, this Evolis Lamination Unit is a standalone laminator that can laminate cards printed from an ID card printer you already own and aren’t ready to replace. This allows you to continue getting the most use from a printer you already own and add to the lifetime of your cards.

Available Lamination Film

A wide variety of lamination film is available for the Evolis Lamination Unit, allowing you to laminate any card type. For most styles, you can choose from 600 yield ribbons and 1,200 high yield ribbons.

Lamination film types include:

  • Standard clear film in 0.5mil and 1.0mil thickness
  • Holographic film in 0.6mil and 1.0mil thickness
  • Cutout film for smart cards in 0.5mil and 1.0mil thickness
  • Dual-sided film for magnetic stripe cards

Compatible with Standard ID Cards

The Evolis Lamination Unit works with standard CR80 30mil cards printed on any ID card printer, including smart cards and magnetic stripe cards.

Compatible card types:

  • PVC cards
  • Composite PVC cards
  • PET cards
  • Polycarbonate cards
  • Special varnished cards

Evolis Primacy Printer Upgrade

Need to upgrade your Primacy printer? The lamination module is quick and easy to install using infrared connections. The lamination unit is compatible with Primacy printers with serial number 10000295187 and greater.

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