Fargo HDP8500 Dual Sided ID Card Printer (Discontinued)

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Fargo HDP8500

The industrial tier Fargo HDP8500 dual-sided printer delivers reliable, high duty performance, meeting the high demand and security needs of large organizations. It features high definition printing (HDP) – also known as retransfer printing – for superior print quality on virtually any card type.

The Fargo HDP8500 dual-sided card printer is loaded with features to ensure reliability and efficiency, including dual input hoppers, enhanced card and consumable material handling, and a built-in air filtration system. A number of security features ensure the system is protected from unauthorized use. The system is backed by a 3-year printer warranty and a lifetime printhead warranty.

High-definition printing (HDP)

Traditional dye sublimation printers, ribbon and cards come in direct contact with the printhead. This can affect image quality and even cause damage to your printhead if you are using cards that have smart chips, or embedded antennas and circuits. In contrast, the HDP8500 dual-sided printer prints your images on HDP film that is then fused to your card via heat and pressure, producing flawless printing on any surface. This technology, also known as retransfer printing, makes it an ideal choice for printing on technology cards.

High performance

The HDP8500 is designed to meet the high demand found in large government entities, service bureaus, universities, and large enterprises. With a heavy duty metal enclosure, dual input hoppers, and powerful stepper motors, the HDP8500 dual-sided printer can endure long print shifts and required minimal operator intervention, saving time and money. In addition, the printer has multi-processing capabilities to improve productivity; for example, the system can print a card while encoding a second card and laminating a third.

Built-in security for printer and consumables

The Fargo HDP8500 features physical locks on all access points to protect the ribbon, film, and printed and unprinted cards. In addition, to the physical locks, electronic PIN access can be required to accept print jobs. To protect electronic data that passes through the printer, it uses advanced encryption standard (AES) 256 and a resin-erase feature to remove personal data on ribbon panels.


In addition to printer security, the Fargo HDP8500 allows you to implement a number of security features into your cards, including UV printing, holographic retransfer film, holographic lamination, and more.

Card durability 

The Fargo HDP8500 is ideal for ID cards that need to last. It works with durable consumables to ensure a long card life. Clear and holographic lamination provides additional card durability and security. Plus, you can optionally use an extra durable retransfer film for greater abrasion resistance.

Enhanced system reliability for challenging environments

The Fargo HDP8500 is designed to withstand the most challenging operating environments, including non-climate controlled areas, high heat, and dust. An airflow and filtration system, dust seals, and internal temperature sensors maintain optimal printing conditions within the unit. In-line cleaning stations remove card debris through the printing process to prevent defective card prints and printer jams.

Built-in USB and Ethernet connectivity

Your card issuance application does not have to be limited to a stand-alone badging station. Operate your card printing and encoding application safely and seamlessly over your network with the Fargo HDP8500’s built-in Ethernet connectivity and internal print path. The printer is additionally fitted with USB connectivity.

Flexible upgrade options

The scalability of the HDP8500 allows you to upgrade your printer at any time down the road for added functionality and productivity. Optional upgrades for the HDP8500 include:

  • Dual-sided Simultaneous Lamination – allows you to laminate both sides of your card with clear or holographic lamination for added card durability and security.
  • Card Flattener – the card flattener prevents card warping when using heat-sensitive PVC cards.
  • Andon Production Status Light Module – increase card production and efficiency with this highly-visible printer status indicator light that can be seen from across the room.
  • Magnetic Strip Encoding – add magnetic strip encoding as your technology needs grow

Get your new Fargo HDP8500 card printer up and running in no time with a training session from our own in-house Technical Support team. We will tailor your training around your specific printer and your specific needs.

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